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Margarita Redina
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  • 1999 – graduated from the Faculty of Ecology of RUDN University in the field of study "Ecology and Nature Management".
  • 1999-2003 – postgraduate student in the field of study "Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources”.
  • 1999-2000 – internship at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Passau (Germany).
  • Since 2000 – employee of the Department of Industrial Ecology and Life Safety of the Faculty of Ecology of RUDN University (since 2005 – Department of Applied Ecology), assistant, assistant professor.
  • 2003 – defended her thesis on the topic "Ecological and economic analysis of activities of oil and gas enterprises".
  • 2012 – defended her doctoral thesis on the topic "Methodological principles of ensuring environmental and economic sustainability of enterprises of the oil and gas industry".
  • Since 2013 – Head of the Department of Applied Ecology of RUDN University.
  • Since 2017 – Dean of the Faculty of Ecology of RUDN University.

Area of expertise: environmental safety in the oil and gas industry, natural resources and environmental management, models of behavior of super toxic compounds, synergetics of the formation of geochemical barriers.
Author of more than 200 publications, 4 monographs, 20 textbooks and manuals, a number of educational bachelor’s and master’s programmes, as well as complementary education programmes on sustainable energy development (in cooperation with the International Center for Sustainable Energy Development under the auspices of UNESCO). Training manuals and teaching aids developed by M.M. Redina include:

  • a series of training manuals on HSE-management (management of occupational safety, industrial and environmental safety). The works were awarded the National Environmental Prize (2009), the EcoMir National Award (2010), the First Prize of the Moscow Government in the field of Environmental Protection (2010);
  • reference publications "HSE-management: terms and definitions" (Moscow: GEOS, 2009);
  • "Emergencies and occupational safety in the oil and gas industry" (Moscow: GEOS, 2009);
  • "Regulation and reduction of environmental pollution" (Moscow: Yurayt, 2014), the first textbook in Russia in this field, recommended by the Scientific and Methodological Council for Ecology and Nature Management, granted a special award "Choice of Universities of Russia 2015";
  • "Environmental protection in oil production" (Moscow: Delo, 2006).

M.M. Redina took part in projects on ensuring environmental safety in the oil and gas industry. Within the framework of the projects, she solved the following tasks: environmental impact assessment, waste generation rationing, oil spill response planning, creation of an environmental management system, and assessment of the effectiveness of environmental services of enterprises.

Responsible for the project on creation of an expert system for the rehabilitation of the geological environment contaminated with oil products. Developed a virtual simulator complex for environmental safety in oil transportation.

Redina M.M. is a member of the International Society of Engineers of the Oil and Gas Industry (SPE), Laureate of the National Environmental Award (2009), the EcoMir National Award (2010), the First Prize of the Moscow Government in the field of Environmental Protection (2010), Vernadsky National Environmental Prize (2014), Diploma of the International Congress of the Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia in the 21st century