Vacancy type:
Teaching staff
Academy of Engineering




  • organize and carry out educational and methodical work according to the taught discipline or separate types of education sessions;
  • participate in the research work of the department and other divisions of the educational institution;
  • participate in the development of manuals, laboratory work, workshops, seminars;
  • organize and plan methodological and technical support of education sessions;
  • engage with students in the scope of general issues and professional orientation of their research works;
  • participate in seminars, meetings and conferences, other activities of the educational institution organized within the framework of the research areas of the department.


Knowledge required:


  • theory and methods of educational systems management;
  • procedure for development of curricula;
  • fundamentals of pedagogy, physiology, psychology;
  • methodologies of teaching and vocational education;
  • modern forms and methods of teaching;
  • methods and ways of using educational technologies, including distance learning;
  • requirements to work on personal computers, other electronic and digital devices, including those intended for information transfer;



The position of assistant of the department is assigned to a person who possesses the following criteria:


  • higher education (specialist's degree, master's degree) in the field of study (profile) that corresponds to the taught subject, course, discipline (module), and (or) to the profile of scientific and educational activities of the department (education department);
  • experience of scientific and pedagogical work not less than 1 year;
  • in case of an academic degree of a Candidate of Sciences (or PhD degree of a foreign University or a foreign research organization) no work experience is required;
  • in case of non-compliance of education field of study (profile) with the curriculum, discipline (module) or profile of the department (education department) – corresponding work experience in the field of the curriculum, discipline (module) and (or) profile of the department (education department) is required;
  • At least 1 publication in journals indexed in the Web of Science/Scopus database within the previous 2 years;
  • Proficiency in English not lower than C1;



  • Full-time (not less than one semester);
  • Salary level (at 1.0 rate) ~ 60 000 RUB (~ 900$, gross, tax is 30% during first 182 days of employment; subsequently tax is 13%) + bonuses;
  • Employment contract in form of an effective contract;
  • Work schedule (at 1.0 rate) - 6/1 (36 hours per week, 144 hours per month);
  • Availability of business trips – possible.


Accommodation at RUDN:

For the full term of the employment contract, invited scientists who passed the competitive selection are provided with a campus apartment of the University.

According to local documents of the University, the deadline for submitting applications for vacant positions of teaching staff is one month from the date of posting information on the website of RUDN /06.05.2019/


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