Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Directions :
Category :
Summer school
Education document :
Amount of hours :
144 hours
Form of training :
Curator of the course :
Irina Andryushchenko
Contacts :
+7 (916) 821-69-37
Center for Additional Vocational Education :
Academy of Engineering
Cost of education
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"

Date: August 2019.

Language: English.

During the education participants of the summer school can obtain knowledge of the mathematical methods of optimization and control (including methods of non-linear. Evolutionary, constrained optimization and etc.).

They also will get the opportunity to monitor and analyze the real remote sensing data, for example, to evaluate the deforestation in the area of Amazon river or state of Alps glaciers and check the changes in remote regions of our planet.

In the module” Fundamentals of Space Mechanics” they will know about astronomical coordinates systems, celestial sphere, study Kepler`s and Newtone`s laws, calculate trajectory of satellite and much more.

And also a lot of guided tours are presented!

Space Museum

Here participants will learn interesting facts about Russian and international space exploration. They can see real spacecrafts and models of space station. You can try real space food in the museums café!

Mission Control Centre. During this tour you can visit closed state center and see, how the specialists control space flights, how astronauts live on the international space station, what tests and experiments they do there and etc.

Training Centre for astronauts

Every astronaut from all over the world should be trained at this center in Star city. After careful and meticulous checks the trainees will be study during next 2 years. They will pass not only physical training but also will learn a lot of theoretical subjects and  should solve practical tasks.

Sightseeing tours around the city center, parks Kolomenskoye and Tsaritsyno