Intensive course of the Russian language in RUDN-university: speak Russian all over the world!

Intensive course of the Russian language in RUDN-university: speak Russian all over the world!

Category :
Summer school
Education document :
Amount of hours :
72 hours
Form of training :

Date – June, July 2019


Date: June, July 2019.

Language: the language of study is Russian.

Program description – we invite foreigners that want to expand quickly their knowledge, practical skills in the linguistic environment.

The program includes classroom games with native speakers of Russian, providing intensive speaking practice, phonetics, vocabulary and grammar training. It gives the possibility to get acquainted with Russian culture (cinema, theater, museums, literature, music and art), climate, history and sights of the capital of Russia. You will find out the spoken etiquette, Russian proverbs and sayings, great Russian poets, writers, composers, artists. 

 You will find out:

  • more than 250 million people from 100 countries speak Russian; it is one 6 languages of UNO;
  • Russian alphabet is Cyrillic one, which was created by Slavic educators Kirill and Mefodii   on the base of Greek;
  • there are 2 letters Ъ and Ь in Russian which   don’t mean sounds;
  • the most words, which begin with Ф, were borrowed from other languages:  фонарь, факел, фонтан, физика;
  • some Russian words begin  with  Й: йод, йога, Йошкар-Ола;
  • some words can't form 1st person of a verb: победить, убедить, чудить;
  • the word кофе is masculine but мозоль, соль, фасоль are feminine.

You will learn how to write letters to your parents (friend) about your impressions, essays about the hospitality traditions in Russia and your native country, about visiting a theater / museum / art gallery.

You will be able to participate in a dialogue on a given topic in accordance with a given social situation.

Every day in the afternoon we will organize for you sightseeing and thematic excursions to historical places of Moscow and the Moscow region.

You can visit the museum and exhibition complex "New Jerusalem", as well as the ancient cities of Vladimir and Suzdal, which are the pearls of the Golden Ring of Russia and help to plunge into the atmosphere of Ancient Russia.

Excursions to the Tretyakov gallery, the studio "Mosfilm", the museum "Tsaritsyno", a walk along the Moscow river on the river tram will be unforgettable for you.

The tuition fee includes:

  • accommodation in the hotel RUDN
  • field trip
  • full-scale lessons
  • transfer.

Visa support issues are organized.

Price – 35000 rubls.