Modern technologies of monitoring for agricultural land
Modern technologies of monitoring for agricultural land
Category :
Summer school
Education document :
Amount of hours :
18 hours
Form of training :
Curator of the course :
Dokukin Petr, PhD
Contacts :
+7 (495) 434 70-07 * 2435
Center for Additional Vocational Education :
Agrarian and Technological Institute
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The course is designed for individuals with an average agronomic, land formation, as well as for those receiving higher education. As a result of completing the course, students will become familiar with modern technology of measurements and determine the boundaries of areas of land, soil sampling method using an automatic sampler; methods of determining the coordinates of points on the surface of the earth using GNSS; operational land monitoring technology using images obtained with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles - airplanes and elekopterov, methods of photogrammetric processing and decoding of images. Listeners will be acquainted with laboratory tests of soil samples and water samples, the technology of electronic preparation of soil and agrochemical maps.