Regional Studies: Еuropean Studies
Regional Studies: Еuropean Studies
Training period :
2 years
Language of study :
Russian / English
The contact person
Programme Scientific Supervisor, Head of Regional Studies Department of the Institute of Foreign Languages
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens

For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
4500 3850

About the Profession

The Ambassador Order, the Collegium of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the names of the main diplomatic institutions of the Russian state in different historical periods. A lot of famous and highly educated people implemented the foreign policy of Russia. Diplomat is the most prestigious profession in the world, diplomat is a person with fundamental knowledge in history, international relations, world economy and politics, as well as bilateral and multilateral cross-cultural communication.

After the clash of the Soviet Union and a new wave of international (including European) conflicts the world society have been discussing the appearance of a new era of international relations system. Mass communication and Internet-Diplomacy play an increasingly important role in the contemporary world. It seems that Samuel P. Huntington was right saying that “the world is thus a well-developed international system but at best very primitive international society” (1996:54). Diplomatic globalization in its information context is not so dangerous as a real war but very effective. The new generation of diplomats challenges new information era problems.

Academic process

The Programme ideally suits to anyone with a degree in European Studies, politics, international relations. Recent graduates from other programmes in the Humanities, Social Sciences and others, as well as those from a professional background are also welcome. Within the frame of the Programme, students learn many general and specialized subjects and become proficient in two foreign languages.  After studying International Relations, Regional Affairs Methodology, World Economy Structure, Ethno-psychology, Regional Security  and Migration Problems,  European Integration Processes, Political Regional Approaches, Political Parties and Leaders Activities, Particular Counties Researches and many other disciplines, students  are capable not only to grab different practical knowledge, but also to achieve the professional communication skills, to deal easily with any International or Diplomatic organizations, political parties, using effective strategies.


During the Internship, all students are obliged to apply their knowledge in subjects, diplomatic and communication skills in one or several research fields.  They have several main bases for internship and practical assignments according to the Programme. Most of the organizations are based in Moscow - offices of different European companies, embassies, European diplomatic missions and cultural centres, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian state governmental organization), various international foundations and institutions, information centres and libraries, Institutes of Russian Academy of Science.

Career opportunities

The range of career and job opportunities is very vast: from translation and interpreting to assistance for heads of ministries of foreign and domestic affairs.  Master’s graduates can easily acquire any required information, provide all necessary research materials and supply data analysis covering most aspects of diplomatic or political affairs, especially European, in two foreign languages. They can collect information, make annotations and comment on a wide range of social, political, cultural, foreign trade and economic problems.