Regional Studies (Russia and the CIS Studies)
Regional Studies (Russia and the CIS Studies)
Training period :
4 years
Language of study :
The contact person
Assistant Lecturer of Theory and History of International Relations Department
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens

For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
5000 4600

About the profession

Regional Studies expertise is a relatively new area in political science and international relations. An expert in Regional Studies is virtually a sui generis specialist. Regional Studies experts are well-read in specific details and character of the region under study, ranging from its state structure and foreign policy priorities to cultural and national characteristics of the local population. Regional Studies Program prepares experts on a particular region, state or group of states. Theory and History of International Relations Department provides education along Russia and the CIS Studies profile.

A Regional Studies specialist – an expert on Russia and the CIS – possesses excellent interdisciplinary skills including those of an International Relations scholar, political scientist, economist, lawyer, historian, diplomat and linguist. A profound knowledge of foreign languages, particularly Russian as well as of Economics, Law, International Relations, History, Geography, Business Etiquette, and Ethnology of Russia enables the graduates to excel in various fields, including doing analytics in research institutions, working as editors, journalists, consultants, translators in both public and private sectors in Russia and abroad.

Educational Process

The program is basically designed for foreign students willing to study not only the Russian language, but also Russian culture, history and mentality. Regional Studies Program along Russia and the CIS Studies profile provides for an in-depth study of two foreign languages including Russian. Within the first two years, basic disciplines are delivered in English and much time is devoted to a comprehensive study of Russian as a Foreign Language. Later on, in their 3rd or 4th year, when the students have learned to read, write and speak Russian well, they are only taught in Russian. The list of compulsory disciplines within the Program includes Geography, History, Economics and Finance, Political Science and Law, Culture and Religion, Foreign Policy and International Relations of the Region under Study. The teaching staff includes leading experts from RUDN University, MGIMO University, ISAAS with MSU etc.


“History of Russia”, “Economy of Russia”, “Foreign Policy of Russia”, “Cultural Values in Modern Russia”, “Contemporary Foreign Policy of Russia and the CIS”, ”Political Geography of Russia”, “Business Operations in Russia”, “Political System of Russia”, “Financial system of Russia”, etc.

Practical Training

The program provides for practical and educational internships; as part of the latter the students register with the Russian State Library, etc., to do scientific research of their own. Practical internships are held with the leading private and public institutions of the Russian Federation.


Having successfully completed the Program, the students acquire complex in-depth knowledge of Russia, contiguous regions and their specific character. The graduates are well-prepared to work closely with Russian agencies in various fields; they are comfortable with Russian language environment. The graduates may excel as interpreters, analysts, diplomats, political journalists, economists, sales representatives. A profound knowledge of Russian and one of the European languages enables the graduates to have a successful career in public sector in Russia and abroad or in private sector structures, exercising international activities.