Innovation Management in Engineering Business
Innovation Management in Engineering Business
Training period :
4 years
Language of study :
The contact person
Professor, Department of Engineering Business and Management
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year

For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
3800 3500

About the profession:

Engineering business is a modern scientific field based on the use of methods of mathematical modeling, management and information technologies in order to increase the efficiency of economic activities of industries and industrial sectors. The process of robotization is developing at a cosmic pace and becoming an integral part of any production process. Therefore, management as a direction connected only with the management of people, is becoming non-demanded today. Management focuses on unleashing the creative potential of employees, their ability to understand the technical process of production and introducing scientific developments into production. Success comes exactly to such creative managers and a profession “innovation manager” is becoming one of the most popular in the engineering business of any sector of economy.

Training process:

The in-depth study of basic engineering disciplines in order to further understand the technological process, as well as the selection and development of innovative business ideas are needed for successful mastering of the programme. During the first two years, training is focused on the study of materials related to programming, computer science, computer and information technologies. A student participates in business games, group and individual projects; interactive and case study methods. For better mastering of the learning material, classes are held with the use of multimedia technologies, webinars and teleconferences.
During the entire period of study, a student develops “business education” skills based on the fundamentals of investing, human capital management, financial analysis, management accounting and auditing, marketing, innovation management, risk management in the space industry.


Students have the opportunity to undertake internships at industrial enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region, including a holding company “RERUM GROUP” with long-term working experience in the construction and oil-and-gas industries, DoorHan Company, which has gone through all stages of development and turned from a small assembly organization into a transnational multi-profile production holding, and other companies.

Career opportunities:

If want a career in science, you can continue to work in research institutes to ensure the effective implementation of scientific developments in the production of various industries, among which are aerospace, engineering, power, oil-and-gas industries.
In different-purpose industries, corporations that have development and research departments in their structure, design offices, venture funds – investment funds focused on working with innovative enterprises and projects (start-ups), you will be able to:

  • organize efficient production,
  • be a manager of knowledge-based and innovative projects,
  • be a manager in the field of innovative development of high-tech industries, industrial sectors, territories.