Project: “Building a Childhood”
Student organization: RUDN Women's Committee
Actions&Results: RUDN students and graduates designed a sports ground of 505 m2, raised funds and built this sports ground for an orphanage in the village of Lyakhi (Vladimir region, Russia).
Further plans: stadium stand construction, installation of lighting, portable volleyball equipment and nets, sports club reconstruction and modernization.

Project: “Volunteers-doctors”
Student organization: Volunteer Center of the Medical Institute
Actions&Results: Since March 2016, "Volunteers-doctors" have implemented a public awareness campaign “Essential Medicine for Children”, that help children from orphanages and patients of the rehabilitation center to learn about medicine. RUDN students promote a healthy lifestyle, inspire and drive a donation drive, assist in translation of medical consultations of foreign patients with Moscow-based Russian doctors. RUDN Student, Vessam Abuzaalan from Syria, assisted during a surgery and rehabilitation of a little girl Sidra and her mother, evacuated from a war zone.
Further plans: social work and work with elderly people, donation movement, building shelters for homeless animals.