Kreiter Scientific Conference
Kreiter Scientific Conference
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11 - 13 Oct 2017
Direction: Science
About the event

The event is held on  Professor V. Kreiter birthday, the founder of the theory on search and exploration of mineral resources. Leading experts as speakers are invited in the field of search and exploration of ore and non-metallic deposits. Since 2009 scientific readings have also been timed to the memory of the organizer and head of the Department of Mineral Deposits and their Exploration at RUDN (1966-2007) Professor N. Trofimov.

The main thematic fields of the technical sessions cover the issues of geology, search, evaluation and exploration of mineral deposits, new theoretical achievements in the science of the Earth.
Particular attention is paid to the latest achievements in forecasting new and non-traditional sources of mineral resources (including the use of scientific materials of Earth's studies from the space).

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