XIII Festival of folk traditions «Nature elements in ancient rituals»
XIII Festival of folk traditions «Nature elements in ancient rituals»
The event passed
26 Oct 2017
About the event

This year it is dated to the Year of Ecology in Russia. We look at the elements – fire, water, Earth, air, metal , wood in peoples’ traditions because all the ancient rituals  were aimed at interaction with the elements for the benefit of health and welfare of the people and future generations. 

Make a team and take part in the Festival!

- Choose an ancient tradition in your culture 
- Stage it and show at the gala concert

Apply before 15.10.2017

- Research the tradition’s origin and its philosophy and make a report at the conference. 

We invite students of RUDN and other universities.

A collection of articles will be published

Send the subject of your report before 26.10.2017 
Send the article before 01.11.2017

Apply at Interclub, Room 204 or at venok-festival@mail.ru

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