The first in Russia “International Club of Employers” has been launched at RUDN

The first in Russia “International Club of Employers” has been launched at RUDN

The first general meeting of the International Club of Employers (MKR) brought together representatives of business, higher education and young professionals. More than 2,000 employers from 28 countries supported the idea of the club. On the agenda: monitoring the labor market, the employment of foreign graduates and expanding the list of employers.

The founders of the MKR are Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Ankor personnel holding, Domodedovo holding, Syngenta, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Russia-Brazil Chamber of Commerce. One of the goals is the formation of a ramified international business environment related to Russian and international educational projects.

“The recognition of a Russian diploma anywhere in the world, the promotion of Russian education abroad and, of course, the employment of a foreign student are the main tasks of the club,” - Vice Rector for International Affairs Larisa EFREMOVA.

RUDN University is the only university in the USSR and Russia that was aimed at training foreign specialists. The university graduated more than 100 thousand professionals. In addition, RUDN University is the most international university in Russia. And it is not surprising that it was on the basis of the University of Friendship of Peoples that the first Russian club of international employers was created.

“RUDN has an advantage - this is a large number of foreign students. When Russian and foreign students study in the same walls, they already become partners, friends. Foreign students in Russia are a kind of guides. They know Russian, they know Russia from the inside. They will become employers and will invite Russian students to work and build partnerships with Russian business, ”said Vladimir Platonov, Chairman of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The meeting participants noted that in order to fulfill the club’s tasks, in particular, the employment of foreign graduates, it is necessary to monitor the labor markets of foreign countries, receive requests from leading companies and “grow” the specialists in demand. According to the Secretary General of the Association of Russian Alumni of Bangladesh, "it is necessary to write term papers and dissertations with the prospect of employment in specific companies at the stage of training."

“Once upon a time, specialists in the field of oil were needed, and there were a lot of them - the market was oversaturated. Now we need smart engineers, professional IT specialists, people who can quickly make decisions and take responsibility, ”said Mr. Auelbek Tursunovich, President of the RUDN University Alumni Association in Kazakhstan.

RUDN has developed a cluster approach for exporting Russian education. The system involves the creation of educational sites in countries with developing economies and various forms of partnership between Russian and foreign universities, companies and authorities, taking into account the national interests of each country. It is assumed that the work within the framework of the cluster approach and the MDC will be closely interconnected and mutually beneficial.

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17 Dec 2020
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