Project 5-100

In 2015, RUDN University was among the competition winners to receive the state support within the 5-100 Project framework. The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize competitthe ive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

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5G or how the objects can «communicate» with each other
You are still sleeping and the coffee machine is already making coffee for you. While you are working the fridge orders all the necessary food in a shop. Now it sounds fantastic but it’s our future. The wireless networks of the fifth generation will allow us to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet of Things. Irina Gudkova, the Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics of RUDN University, has become a laureate of the Prize to Young Scientists awarded by the Government of Moscow for developing a complex of probability models of control schemes for radio resources of the next-generation wireless networks. She told us about the innovative project and some problems.
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05 Dec 2019
RUDN engineers met with employers at a round table

On November 26, the Department of Subsoil Use and Oil and Gas Affairs of the RUDN University Engineering Academy held a Round Table “Updating educational programs, organizing practices, and employment prospects” with the participation of employers.

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14 Aug 2019
“When we dance in London, the whole world admires us!” - Valentina Ryazanova, Head of Isadora Dance Studio, RUDN University

Fans of “free dance” from different parts of the world met on August 1-4, in London (UK) at the Isadora Duncan International Symposium (IDIS), dedicated to the heritage of Isadora Duncan. The Isadora dance studio of RUDN Interclub, led by Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Valentina Ryazanova, took part in workshops and master classes, and also visited places that inspired the famous dancer.

31 Jul 2019
Postdoc from the Тomsk State University visits the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Communications Technology of the RUDN University

A new postdoc appeared at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Communications Technology of the RUDN University, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Ekaterina Lisovskaya.