Student securit

Student security is a matter given special attention by the RUDN administration.

Infrastructure supporting student security includes the following components:

  1. The RUDN Police Department is located on campus, its sole jurisdiction is the university grounds.
  2. In events that warrant special equipment or technology, as well as when holding significant public events (when renowned politicians or persons are participants), support is provided by the South-Western district of the Department of Internal Affairs.
  3. The Duty Unit of the integrated law enforcement centre is a specialized unit that provides university facilities round-the-clock protection from unauthorized access, as well as takes steps in prevention and localization of an emergency situation, if occurring on campus.
  4. Central Dispatch is a special unit that receives and processes information throughout the day, to include feeds from 2,200 surveillance cameras installed on campus territory and in university buildings. Central dispatch is in round-the-clock communication with all Moscow emergency services: EMERCOM, Mosgaz, Mosenergo, Heating Network, Sewer Network, Moscow Water Works, etc.
  5. Specialized units from private security companies provide security for all 28 of the university’s buildings. Specialized access and control systems are used in all 28 buildings.
  6. The Fire Department is a specialized unit responsible for ensuring fire safety training standards for staff and students. This department is coordinated by central dispatch with which it has round-the-clock communication.
  7. The Department of Fire Detection is a specialized unit that services the fire alarm system transmitting a signal to central dispatch if a fire detector is tripped. This signal is automatically transmitted to the nearest ministry of emergency situations (EMERCOM) fire department without human intervention.
  8. A special Lift Dispatch unit provides the university with 24-hour lift service for all academic and residential buildings on campus.
  9. The university’s Department of Civil Defence and Emergency Situations specializes in providing general control and coordination in matters of civil defence and protection from natural and man-made emergencies.

Contact phone number: +7 (495) 434 53 12