Mode of study
Level of study
Postgraduate Course
Direction of preparation
Clinical Medicine

Training period
4 Years
Language of study
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
2100 1800

About profession

Dentistry – includes a section of medicine that studies the etiopathogenesis of diseases of hard and soft tissues of the teeth, treatment and prevention of dental diseases, diseases of the tongue, oral mucosa, jaws and surrounding tissues of the face and neck; Dentistry deals with treatment and restoration of tissues and organs of the oral cavity. The tasks also include the development of new materials for dental filling and prosthetics. Dentistry can cover related areas of medicine and specialize to very narrow high-tech issues.
You can choose the direction of your applied research in various branches of dentistry: in therapeutic (conservative dentistry and endodontics), in surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, in orthopedic dentistry, as well as at the junction of various specialties.

Educational Process

The postgraduate program is aimed to train highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical specialists capable of conducting research in the relevant field of dentistry and related fields of science and higher education. The program includes introductory lectures, a large number of practical classes in dental departments, in research organizations and medical centers of the healthcare system. Graduate students publish the results of their research in international and Russian journals. Duration of study 3 years.


The research internship is organized in close relationship with the research work of the graduate student and contributes to the formation of competencies necessary for research and development of skills of independent research work.
Pedagogical practice involves the study of the discipline "Dentistry" (knowledge, skills acquired in the study of this subject are necessary for competent teaching and training of students); "Methodology of Teaching" (consolidation of knowledge, skills and methodological development and analysis of the main forms of training and extracurricular activities, clarification, verification and control of knowledge, organization of educational work with students). Graduate students during the year participate in the educational process of the Department in Russian or English languages.


After graduation, you will be able to develop your career:

  • In the field of scientific consultant, conducting a critical analysis and evaluation of modern scientific achievements;
  • The development of new projects in the selected section of dentistry, creation of new ideas for solving specific practical or research problems in the field of dentistry;
  • Development and conduct of comprehensive research in the field of studying dental health of the population;
  • Participation in the work of Russian and international scientific teams; participation in the work of international and regional health organizations;
  • Teaching in dental higher education institutions and colleges.