Development and Project Management

Development and Project Management

Mode of study
Level of study
Direction of preparation

Training period
2 Year
Language of study
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
5300 5100


Development is an activity related to creating a real estate object, reconstruction or modification of an existing building, land plot or territory, leading to an increase in their value. With the global construction projects the being widely spread today, the developer is an extremely demanded profession in the labor market. The programme is aimed at forming professional competencies of a developer, a manager in the field of spatial development of cities and urban areas, who has a comprehensive view of real estate and ways to increase its value; at creating professionals in the fields of engineering, real estate and investment and construction projects management.
This educational programme is an original practical course for the preparation of effective managers in the field of development of territories, industrial clusters and urban agglomerations. Graduates of the master’s programme will be able to carry out professional activities, with the application of the acquired knowledge being extensive: from the formation of a product and its promotion to the market to the preparation of companies for entering public markets, from real estate management and operation to the development of territorial planning documentation.

Educational Process

The educational process is carried out by 80% by teaching practitioners, top managers of development companies with vast experience in implementing such projects as Setun Valley Residential Complex, Salaris Shopping Center, Sadovaya Plaza Business Center, Novospassky Business District, River House Residential Complex, Nebo Residential Complex, White Khamovniki Residential Complex, Mednii 3.14 Residential Complex, West Garden Residential Complex and many others (more than 150 completed projects). Foreign practitioners in the field of development and information technology are involved in conducting master classes (these master classes are held in English). Course works and theses, which are performed under academic supervision, become real business projects which are implemented in partner companies.
The main courses are: “Finance and Business Planning in a Development Organization”, “Legal Regulation of Relations in the Field of Real Estate and Legal Support for Development Projects”, “The Role of Branding in Development”, “Information Systems in Project Management and Business Process Management of a Development Company”, “Project Management in Investment and Construction Activities and Real Estate”, “Urban Planning, Design and Technical Documentation”, “Technical Audit, Construction Control and the Basics of Budgeting”.


The bases for internships are large development companies and public sector organizations in the field of urban planning. The partners of the programme are such organizations as A101, Aurora, Pioneer, Ingrad, Level Group, VSN Realty, Exinco Group, Bolshakov and Partners, Zodchy, AFI Development, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, etc.


When studying on the programme, students are involved in implementing real projects, which allows them to receive job offers from partner companies during the period of study. Specialists in the field of development, project management and real estate, who are fluent in a foreign language, successfully work in government bodies, large Russian and international development companies, public organizations and real estate consulting companies, including foreign ones.