Architecture of Buildings and Structures. Creative Concepts of Architectural Activity

Architecture of Buildings and Structures. Creative Concepts of Architectural Activity

Mode of study
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Training period
3 Year
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The profession of an architect involves the creation of a materially organized spatial environmental necessary for human life (settlements, urban environment, buildings, structures, their complexes with life support systems, landscapes). This environment must meet technical, functional and aesthetic requirements, depending on time factor, geographical, ethnic and many other factors. In professional activities, a postgraduate student and / or a PhD in architecture solves one or several types of tasks: research activities in the field of architecture, teaching activities in programs of higher and secondary vocational education in the field of architecture.

Educational Process

The educational process is aimed at obtaining theoretical knowledge, the formation of practical skills and the development of scientific approaches in the field of architecture of buildings and structures, as well as creative concepts of architectural activity. The curriculum includes lectures on fundamental sciences and architectural theory, experimental design, and participation in international conferences. The thesis of a postgraduate student is prepared under the guidance of doctors and candidates of sciences, leading Russian and foreign architects.
Key disciplines: “Architecture of buildings and structures”, “Creative concepts of architectural activity”, “Theory of architecture”, “Architectural design of buildings and structures”.


Education under the program involves the pedagogical and research practical training.
— Pedagogical practice for graduate students is carried out on the basis of the Department of Architecture of the Academy of Engineering of the RUDN University.
— Research practice is carried out both at RUDN University and on the basis of innovative Russian and foreign companies.
The main bases of research practice are: “Mosproekt”, “Giprogor”, “Center for International Industrial Cooperation UNIDO in the Russian Federation”, “International Center for Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Federation”, “Representative Office of the UN Commission on Human Settlements”.


Graduates of this program work in leading Russian and foreign institutions and companies:
— in the field of architectural design in international and national institutions, companies of various industries and forms of ownership;
— in state and municipal authorities;
— in academic and departmental research organizations;
— in educational organizations of higher education, additional professional education, professional educational organizations.