Customer Experience Management and Service Innovation

Customer Experience Management and Service Innovation

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Training period
2 Year 3 Months
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It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens


Customer-oriented service management is one of the essential and dynamic vectors in management. It implies efficient management of processes, teams, and resources, taking into account innovative changes in respected professional spheres. Customer focus is the ability of a company and its employees to determine the desires of customers promptly, satisfy them with their products or services with maximum benefit, create a flow of loyal customers, increase sales, and outperform competitors.

Educational Process

Master’s program “Management,” profile “Customer Experience Management and Service Innovations” aims at those wishing to possess knowledge of client and product marketing, modern service technologies, and master essential skills of building client relationships and service, relevant for any large company.
The advantages of the training include interactive coaching, the opportunity to master unique expert and analytical competencies in the field of management, acquisition of managerial skills in digital promotion and business digitalization, field training, and internships at leading Russian and foreign sites, General Manager pieces of training, workshops by expert practitioners, the opportunity to engage in academic research, design of academic projects, access to the best international practices of professional management within the framework of international programs. The program is implemented by the Hotel Business and Tourism Institute in cooperation with the Department of Management of RUDN University's Faculty of Economics.
The students study theoretical and applied professional disciplines:
— Marketing communications and digital technologies;
— Strategic management in the service sector;
— Methods of creative thinking;
— Design of project activities;
— Data analysis and visualization;
— Innovative management and entrepreneurship in the service sector;
— Modern technologies of designing customer experience in service;
— Psychological and physiological aspects of service.


In case of successful training, paid industrial and pre-degree internships are conducted at the actual job position with the possible subsequent employment. The internship takes place during the entire second year of training. The students have a unique opportunity to get an internship in large international companies.


Upon completing training, graduates may carry out their professional activities as middle and senior managers in all sectors of the economy, business, banking, insurance, tourism, restaurant and hotel industry, airport activities, automotive dealer network, in specialized service enterprises.