Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutical Technology

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Training period
3 Year
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This Postgraduate program in the specialty of “Drug Production Technology” (according to the system of interuniversity exchange) will help you to become a good researcher in the field of developing the theoretical foundations of drug production technology, designing finished dosage forms (FDF), developing the used technology for producing substances and finished dosage. This postgraduate study is suitable for those who want to expand their knowledge base and their career prospects in the sphere of pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. the postgraduates will learn how to evaluate, plan and conduct research using modern approaches to drug development — Quality-by-Design, ICH Q-8, ICH Q-10. The researchers will also gain a knowledge from the pharmaceutical business — about the commercialization of scientific ideas.

Educational Process

The educational process takes place in the Shared Research and Educational Center of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia SREC, PFUR: more than 300 units of modern measuring, testing and technological equipment, Class D cleanrooms, a training and production site that meets the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and has a License for the production of drugs. As well as graduate students undergo a practical training based on the pharmaceutical faculty of the University of Basel in Switzerland.


Supported by the pedagogical and research practice center. As part of these practice, the post-graduate students will be prepared to carry out pedagogical activities in the system of higher professional and additional education, as well as gain experience in integrated research in the development of the industrial production of innovative drugs that are conducted for national and foreign pharmaceutical companies.
Practice methods: fixed and field practice. For students with disabilities, practice methods will consider the state of health and accessibility requirements. Part of this educational module can take place at a partner university — University of Basel (Switzerland) at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The student who has mastered the postgraduate program is qualified to work at pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmacy institutions, educational and research organizations specializing in the field of screening, development, manufacture, research, quality control, standardization, storage and introduction of medicines into production. As well as in the sphere of medicines circulation — state registration, standardization and quality control, storage, packaging, labeling, advertising, sale, use етс. The working experience with foreign partners increases the specialist competitiveness in the relevant work market!