Russian Literature

Russian Literature

Mode of study
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Direction of preparation
Language and Literature Studies

Training period
3 Year
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Teachers of philological disciplines in universities, teachers of the Russian language and literature, researchers are representatives of creative professions in the field of education and science, requiring continuous self-development, originality, and teaching skills. The profession involves research in various areas of literary criticism, including the development of literary methodology, research on the main phenomena of Russian literature, comparative studies, study of the essence and characteristics of the work of writers, study of the classics, their artistic discoveries and the continuation of their national traditions, achievements in world literature. The program trains research and teaching staff in the field of literary criticism, integrating the best practices of teaching the Russian language and literature in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Educational Process

The educational component of the program includes such disciplines as “History and philosophy of science”, “Pedagogy of higher education”, “Russian literature”, “Methods of teaching Russian literature in higher school”, “Modern paradigms of Russian literary studies”, “Cultural and historical concepts in Russian literature of Kazakhstan”, “Russian literature in gender aspect”, “Psychology of Russian literature”, “Writer’s work and creative process”, as well as research seminars with the participation of leading professors of RUDN Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Philology and World Languages of Kazakh State University and invited scientists .
The research part of the program includes the elaboration of topical problems in the field of literary criticism and related fields of scientific knowledge. The object of the study is Russian literature and Russian-language literature of Kazakhstan.


The program is provided for pedagogical and research practice at the Department of Russian and Foreign Literature of the Faculty of Philology, RUDN University and World Literature of KazNU. Working and studying in two educational institutions at once significantly enriches the professional experience of graduate students, it increases the competitiveness of graduates of the program. Pedagogical practice includes seminars; assisting professors during the lecture; development of teaching materials; assistance in conducting midterm and intermediate certification.
Research practice is aimed at developing skills of conducting independent scientific research of Russian and Russian-language literature, preparing for professional activity in the field of science.


Graduates of the program are preparing to teach specialized and applied disciplines in Russian and foreign universities, primarily at RUDN University and KazNU (al-Farabi). Graduates possess such professional skills as conducting scientific research in scientific and scientific-pedagogical institutions, organizations, teaching specialized and applied disciplines in Russian and foreign universities, applied activities, including abstracting, editing, examination of various types of texts, creating dictionaries, databases, corpora of texts, etc. The development of a professional career is possible in institutions of education, culture, management, the media and other organizations as a literary critic, translator, referent, publisher, editor, proofreader, journalist, copywriter.