Mode of study
Level of study
Direction of preparation

Training period
2 Year
Language of study
University partner
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
5000 4300


If a company extends its activities beyond national borders, and the main participants in the business system (all or some of them) find themselves in socio-economic conditions governed by different states and differing in specific cultures (law, customs, morals, ethics), demand for goods and services, industrial and domestic relations between people, currency parity variations, etc., then international business managers cannot be excluded. The programme of preparation of such managers is aimed at young people whose professional ambitions are connected with management of the company in all its manifestations, at those who would like to make a career in international corporation, solving production, commercial, financial, marketing, personnel issues of organization and management of international business. An international business manager is a highly qualified professional trained to work in international companies, large, medium and small business organisations in various sectors of the economy in a multicultural environment, as well as in state and municipal administration.
In the dynamic business environment, the manager profession is one of the most in-demand and prestigious on the labour market.
Students in the International Management educational programme form and develop their managerial skills, competences and abilities to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural environment, the ability to justify the boldest ideas and decisions.

Educational Process

The double degree programme (jointly with SU CIS) is implemented within the “International Management” specialisation: students study on a 1+1 basis (the 1st year of studies is conducted at the RUDN University, the 2nd year of the master’s programme continues at the national partner university). Educational, personnel, material-technical and informational resources of both partner universities are involved in the programme implementation. The curriculum provides an opportunity to gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills necessary for successful work in both Russian and international companies. A full range of courses is offered during the course of study to enable students, pursuing the master’s degree, to become highly qualified specialists in the field of international management. Along with general economics and management subjects, students study the most advanced management technologies within such courses as “Theory of Management Organization”, “Modern Strategic Analysis”, “International Company Management”, “International Business Operations Management”, “Global Economic Space of Modern Management”, “International Management in Digital Economy”, “Business Communication in International Management”, “International Logistics and Supply Chain Management”. In addition, as part of the educational process, master classes of leading experts in international management are regularly organised. Having successfully mastered the “International Management” educational programme, graduates will be able to:
— develop corporate, business and functional development strategies for companies operating in international markets;
— supervise subdivisions of companies of different forms of ownership, operating mainly in the international business environment;
— design organisational structures of management of international companies;
— master the practices and techniques of international business operations management and the ability to justify the choice of a specific key and supporting operations in real-world international business environments;
— develop and justify decisions on companies' entry into foreign markets;
— organise and manage creative teams to solve organisational and managerial problems.
The programme provides students with both group and individual work skills, leadership and teamwork skills through case studies and real-world business cases during the course. A large number of creative individual and group projects in each subject area are provided, with an emphasis on practical application.
The international composition of the study groups allows students to gain unique experience of communication with representatives of different cultures, to improve their language and communication competence in intercultural teams, to build their own network of professional international contacts already at the university.
All teachers involved in the teaching process have academic degrees and titles and practical experience in the field of international business.


Practice-oriented approach to education is one of the most important values of the International Management Programme. Managerial competencies cannot be developed by studying only theory, therefore, conducting internships at for-profit and non-profit organisations is an integral part of the educational process. The main internship hosts are large international and national companies from various fields and industries, which are interested in recruiting graduates.
Students of the Master’s programme “International Management” undertake internships in major Russian and international companies: “Siemens”, “Hirsch International”, “LG Electronics”; consulting firms: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC); financial institutions: Sberbank of Russia, Federal Treasury of Russia, JSC CB Citibank, JSC Center Moscow Finance, Alfa Bank, JSC Bank of Moscow, Bank Zenit; departments of the faculty and structural units of the university; public organisations; state institutions: State Duma of Russia, embassies of foreign countries.
The Master’s programme includes research and pre-graduation internships for students. It provides for inclusive training and development of professional skills within the framework of “student mobility periods”: internships, round tables, trainings, participation in conferences, forums, competitions and contests. Opportunities are provided to participate in student exchange programmes and obtain double diplomas as part of interaction with domestic and foreign partner universities.
In order to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the foreign management environment, it is possible to undergo professional internships abroad. The partners of the programme for this purpose are the universities of Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, China and South Korea.


Graduates of the programme are primarily oriented towards working in companies operating in international markets, making direct foreign investments, having representative offices, branches, subsidiaries and joint ventures abroad. These can be organisations of any legal form (commercial, non-commercial, state), carrying out international commercial and non-commercial operations, which need full-time employees, professionally versed in the laws and trends of development of the world economy, fluent in basic foreign languages, capable of maintaining effective relationships in a cross-cultural environment.

Graduates of the Master’s programme work in various fields of international business, foreign economic activity, foreign trade, as heads of departments of international companies, foreign branches, teams of employees, projects and networks, as well as in the following positions: manager of international projects, head of export department, head of import procurement, etc.