Land use Management and Cadasters

Land use Management and Cadasters

Training period
2.5 Years
Language of study
The contact person
Director of Agricultural engineering Department
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For citizens of far abroad countries and CIS countries – 40% discount for the first year (the price is indicated without discount).

About the profession

Graduates will be able to carry out surveying of land and real estate, forming boundary-setting plan and other documents for entering in the cadastral register. They will be able to solve a wide range of tasks related to the creation of digital cartographic products using laser scanning systems, robotic total stations,  GLONASS / GPS technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles and aerial and space surveys. The aquited knowledge will be applied to plan a rational and efficient use of land and real estate objects, conducting examinations and dispute resolution in the sphere of property and land relations, cadastral valuation, etc.

Educational process

Classes are conducted by highly qualified RUDN  with a  doctor and candidates of sciences degree, prominent scientists and practicing experts from leading academic and industrial organizations. The most modern geodetic, photogrammetric and cartographic equipment is used for practical and laboratory work. Student will have an opportunity to work with satellite systems, robotic total stations, digital levels, unmanned aerial vehicles, digital photogrammetric stations. The Institute also has innovative software for the design and automation of land surveying, geodetic and cadastral work.

Major subjects

Project management in land management and cadaster, Risk management in land management and cadasters, Global navigation satellite systems, Land monitoring, Land and cadastral works automation, Land management and cadastral management, Geodetic, Geoinformatics, Remote sensing, Land information systems, Space monitoring of lands , UAV application for land management and cadastral tasks, Air laser scanning, Environmental planning, Land Management Expertise, Land Management.

Practical training

Work experience and research internships are held in the leading scientific and manufacturing companies in Russia and foreign partner universities. As a rule, the first internship becomes their workplace for the future master.

Graduates’ expertise and career opportunities

Our graduates work in leading state and private organizations that carry out geodetic, cadastral and land management work in Russia and abroad. Graduates work in Russian and foreign relevant organizations as engineering manager; senior engineer; geodetic engineer; surveying engineer; cadastral engineer. In addition, masters successfully work in related fields: appraisal and real estate companies; companies for monitoring land resources; construction companies; agricultural holdings, etc.