Mode of study
Level of study
Specialist Degree
Direction of preparation
Law Institute

Training period
6 Years
Language of study
The contact person
Head of the Customs Department
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens

About profession

Specialty 38.05.02 Customs is in demand at the moment when integration processes take place in the EAEU.

The essence of the profession of a customs officer is the protection of the interests of the country, including military, economic, cultural, etc.

Future specialists will receive knowledge and skills of customs control during the study. Customs control is a responsible, serious business and represents a fundamental element of customs activity. In the future, graduates will be able to independently determine the value of the goods and the producer country, identify the goods, as well as study the process of collecting and returning customs payments. The future specialist will have the skills to identify and suppress various administrative offenses and crimes, to manage customs authorities (to introduce planning, analysis and control of activities), to apply information systems and technologies to achieve the above goals, as well as means for protecting information from third parties.

Educational process

The educational program in the specialty "Customs" provides training of specialists for work in the customs bodies and organizations that carry out foreign economic activities in order to implement the common customs policy of Russia and the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The main disciplines of the specialty "Customs" are: History of Customs and Customs Policy of Russia, Customs Basics, Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity, Commodity Research, Examination in Customs (Food and Non-Food Products), Customs Management, Customs Operations, Customs Procedures, Declaration of Goods And vehicles, Organization of customs control of goods and vehicles, Fundamentals of technical means of customs control, Technology

Customs control (workshop), Customs control after the release of goods, Customs and tariff regulation of foreign trade activities.


Annually students undertake an internship in the departments of the Eurasian Economic Commission, in the functional departments of customs authorities, at customs posts, in organizations engaged in foreign trade activities.

For example, in the Domodedovo customs or Central Customs Office, etc.


Having mastered the program, you can successfully work in various ECE departments, customs authorities, and of course, in commercial organizations.

Graduates of specialties do not need to enter the magistracy, the diploma of a specialist gives a guarantee of successful employment.