Mode of study
Level of study
Specialist Degree
Direction of preparation
Dental Medicine

Training period
5 Years
Language of study
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
8500 7900

About the profession

Graduates of the specialty "Dentistry" with higher education, who wish to fulfill their intellectual potential in the field of fundamental science, choose postgraduate training on the specialization "Dentistry", as this is a very promising and interesting field.

During the training, the students study in detail combined pathology and the tactics of a dentist in the treatment of patients with general somatic diseases.

It should be noted that in the professional training of postgraduate students, much attention is paid to the study of modern innovative technologies of diagnosis and treatment of dental and oral cavity diseases. For example, modern 3D modeling and milling of dentures (CAD\CAM technology), 3D radiology, implantology, maxillofacial reconstructive surgery, complex dental prosthetics.

Postgraduate students, who have chosen dentistry as a specialization, are engaged in research in various fields and study various topics: the mechanisms of pathogenesis of modern dental diseases, general patterns of morphological, functional and metabolic changes in the organs and tissues of the maxillofacial area, caused by pathogenic factors of different nature; scientific interdisciplinary tasks; the study of pathological processes, invitro, invivo, insilico; the ability to manage these processes using a variety of medicinal and non-medicinal products at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, systemic, organismic and population levels; development of theoretical bases of the prevention of modern diseases of the maxillofacial area; development of methods and techniques aimed at public health protection.

Training process

Research areas:

  • Research in the field of therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic dentistry
  • Research in the field of pediatric dentistry
  • Research in the field of prevention of dental diseases
  • Research in orthodontics
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Oncological diseases of the maxillofacial area
  • Healthcare in dentistry
  • Statistical research in various fields of dentistry

Major-specific disciplines:

  • Methodology of scientific research,
  • History and philosophy of science,
  • Foreign language
  • Dentistry


Theoretical and practical training of postgraduate students on the specialization “Dentistry” is carried out in the structural subdivisions of RUDN University: in the Simulation Training Center of the Institute of Medicine of RUDN University and in the Medical Center of RUDN University. The training process also takes place at the clinical sites of profession-oriented departments.


  • The opportunity to combine research activities with the career in pedagogical and applied medicine.
  • Teaching major-specific and applied disciplines in Russian and foreign universities.
  • Professional competences in the creation, translation, abstracting, editing, examination of texts of various types.
  • The status of the expert enables to hold managerial positions in educational, state and commercial organizations; continue to develop research activities.