Agricultural Production (Agroprocessing)

Agricultural Production (Agroprocessing)

Mode of study
Level of study
Master’s Degree
Direction of preparation

Training period
2 Years
Language of study
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
4600 4180
Russia, CIS - 20% for the program

Programme Focus

The interdisciplinary programme «Agricultural production» prepares specialists in the field of output of products of both plant and animal origin. This programme meets the international market requirements and international quality standards.

Special attention is paid to the quality of agricultural production, environmentally sound technologies, new advances in the area of bioengineering in production processes.  The programme gives theoretical knowledge and practical skills in modern agro-biotechnology (with the use of molecular-genetic methods of research), product standardization and processing and packaging industry.

The programme offers students practical training in research laboratories and modern processing plants. The programme prepares  experts of international standing, trained to work in the legal, organizational, administrative and production fields in Russia and abroad.

Programme advantages

  1. The programme trains specialists in the field of husbandry of agricultural animals and plants.
  2. Leading Russian and foreign biotechnology and agribusiness holding companies support educational process, which has scientific and production orientation. Graduates will have the opportunity of further employment and creation of their own production.
  3. Creation of joint projects for the production and sale of food products with international certification.
  4. Scientific work and projects on the thesis can be performed on the basis of RUDN, and in the expert laboratories of companies, food producers. The preparation of the thesis can be supervised by teachers from RUDN and foreign partner universities.
  5. Students enrolled in the programme will participate in scientific and creative events such as international exhibitions, competitions and conferences.

Graduates’ expertise and career opportunities

Graduates of the programme are in demand in the field of high-tech agribusiness, focused on the production of food products, in certification authorities, research institutes. Master’s degree gives the opportunities to:

  1. enter postgraduate programmes  in Russian, European and American universities to obtain a PhD degree;
  2. work in international organizations and institutes of FAO UNESCO;
  3. work in scientific and production clusters, in Russian and international companies that produce and sell food products, in Rosselkhoznadzor service (Centre for Plant Quarantine), in customs departments.