Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology

Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology

Training period
2 Years
Language of study
The contact person
Assistent of The Institute of biochemical technology and nanotechnology RUDN
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
4600 4180
far abroad-20% for the program


Nowadays an increase of activity in the field of biotechnology, chemical technology and nanotechnology is observed in the world and in Russia. State enterprises are modernized, also private-based enterprises are created, foreign and state funds are raised.

Biochemical technology and nanotechnology is a priority of modernization and technical development of both Russian and the world science. The rapid development of biotechnology, pharmacy services, medicine, and nanotechnology is required to train Masters – technologists of these spheres.

Academy process

  • The Masters training is based on demands of biochemical, biomedical and nanotechnology enterprises.
  • The academy process organization is based on the requirements of biochemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries and nanotechnology (both national and foreign).
  • The academy process is maximally approached to the conditions of biochemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical technology and nanotechnology through a lot of laboratory practicals at basic enterprises.
  • Сompetitive ability of the programme “Biochemical technology and nanotechnology”


The institute of biochemical technology and nanotechnology RUDN is an active partner of such professional associations as NanoBridge, RNN, RUSNANO, NanoBSR and etc. It helps us to contribute to the scientific development and train highly-qualified biotechnological, biochemical and nanotechnological specialists for modern industry and business. Our students do practical training at principle Research Institutes, research centers of enterprises and also at The institute of biochemical technology and nanotechnology labs and research educational center “Nanotechnology”.   

Career opportunities

The graduates of “Biochemical technology and nanotechnology” master’s studies are expected to be employed by principle research institutes; medical, research labs; bio- , nanotechnological, pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises and also by the largest state and private companies of the country and the world.

Skills and abilities, acquired at the Institute of biochemical technology and nanotechnology, with the combination of your ambitiousness will be the first step to your professional success and prosperity.