Mode of study
Level of study
Specialist Degree
Direction of preparation
Dental Medicine

Training period
5 Years
Language of study
The contact person
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Head of Therapeutic Stomatology Department
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
9500 8800

Since the opening of the program in 1996, more than a thousand dentists have been trained. Among the graduates - prominent representatives of science, known practitioners, organizers of health, professors, doctors of medical sciences, head physicians, clinicians.

Today the program trains around 1200 students, more than 250 interns, residents and graduate students.

In the learning process, the student studies a number of disciplines, which are divided into several modules:

  • Humanitarian, social and economic cycle (includes bioethics, history of medicine, jurisprudence, foreign languages, Latin language, economics, etc.);
  • Medico-biological, natural-science cycle (includes physics, mathematics, medical informatics, chemistry, biology, human anatomy, histology, physiology, pathological physiology, immunology, etc.);
  • The professional cycle includes all special disciplines, as a result of which the student acquires professional dental skills (for example, prevention and communal dentistry, prosthetics, oral surgery, cariesology and many others).

At senior courses, students in addition to dental disciplines study related general medical subjects, such as general surgery, obstetrics, dermatovenereology, neurology, psychiatry, etc. The combined pathology is studied in detail, as well as the tactics of the dentist in the treatment of patients with general diseases.

It should be noted that in the professional training of dentists, much attention is devoted to the study of modern innovative technologies for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the teeth and oral cavity. For example, 3D modeling and milling of dentures (CAD\CAM-technologies), 3D-roentgenology, implantology, maxillofacial reconstructive surgery, complex dental prosthetics.

Production practices in which students acquire and consolidate basic manual skills are conducted in clinics and centers where students from the second year can be employed in the clinic in the presence of a positive recommendation from the practices of leaders.

RUDN University students have the opportunity to undergo training abroad. There is an experience of internships in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain.

Theoretical and practical training of residents is carried out in classrooms and in the simulation center of the Medical Institute, in the medical center of the RUDN University, at the clinical bases of profile departments. Training and lecture audiences are equipped with multimedia equipment that allows the use of simulation technologies with typical sets of professional models and results of laboratory and instrumental research.

Based on the results of successful mastering of the program, the graduate is prepared, in particular, for the solution of the following professional tasks:

  • preventive maintenance of diseases of the population (healthy, sick, members of their families and collectives);
  • diagnosis of diseases, especially early and typical manifestations of the disease, as well as low-symptom and atypical variants of the disease course on the basis of possession of propaedeutic and laboratory-instrumental methods of investigation;
  • diagnosis and first aid in emergency situations;
  • treatment with therapeutic and surgical methods in dentistry;
  • the organization of work in medical institutions and the maintenance of medical records;

Medical assistance to the population in extreme conditions of epidemics, in the centers of mass destruction.After graduation, graduates receive a diploma – Doctor of Dental Medicine, and are entitled to specialize in residency, as well as to study in graduate and doctoral studies.


Khabadze Zurab Sulikoyevich is a graduate of the first set of students in the specialty of Dentistry. The senior lecturer of department of Conservative dentistry RUDN University, PhD. Is a leading specialist and acting chief physician of the Institute of Dentistry of New Technologies, the Center for Dental Implantation and Reconstructive Osteo-Plastic Surgery.

Gunko Maxim Valerievich — PhD, assistant of the Department of Surgical Dentistry at the Russian Medical Academy of the last-mentioned education. Maxim Valerievich provides surgical care in outpatient settings, performs various types of implantation, using only modern systems, materials and preparations for anesthesia.

Parshenkov Andrey Viktorovich — head doctor of dental clinic. Has a patent of the Russian Federation for invention: "Method of manufacturing and alternative use of a universal dental phantom"