Mode of study
Level of study
Medical Residency
Direction of preparation

Training period
2 Years
Language of study
The contact person
Doctor of Medicine, Professor of the Department of Hospital Therapy with Endocrinology, Hematology and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics courses
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
4500 3850
For citizens of foreign countries – 20% discount for the first year; for russian citizens and citizens of CIS countries – an annual discount of 30% (the price is indicated without discount).

About the profession

Endocrinology studies the diseases caused by the violation of the structure or the function of endocrine glands – thyroid, pancreatic, pituitary, adrenal, reproductive glands. Endocrinology began to form as an independent discipline from the middle of the XIX century, when an English doctor Thomas Addison described the disease caused by adrenal insufficiency (Addison's disease or hypokorticism). In XX and XXI centuries, diabetes mellitus became the main problem of mankind, which caused a rapid growth of interest in the diseases of endocrine glands and the development of endocrinology. The number of people with diabetes mellitus exceeded the threshold of 400 million people in the world. Endocrine diseases are characterized by the systemic nature of manifestation of a disease, which is quite obvious, since hormones are the basis of the metabolic regulation of the human body. Therefore, an endocrinologist should have knowledge of internal diseases, neurology, cardiology and other areas of medicine. Endocrinology provides a very high level of medical qualification. An endocrinologist should not only diagnose and treat the underlying disease, but also deal with the subsequent restoration of the hormonal balance and the basic functions of the body (metabolism, reproductive function), prescribe and control the replacement therapy, if necessary.

Training process

Medical residents have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills, working in specialized departments of the largest clinical centers, attend and participate in clinical discussion about patients, professors' rounds, clinical and pathoanatomical conferences. Medical residents can take part in research work on endocrinology and have the opportunity to continue (complete) their scientific research during postgraduate training. The training process includes lectures and practical classes, interactive forms of training, in-class training of practical skills at the Simulation Center of RUDN University.


Practical training takes place in the University Clinic of Endocrinology. The Department of Endocrinology has 40 specialized beds; the healthcare institution is the leading one in the North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow and provides multidisciplinary specialized assistance to city residents.


Residency graduates on the specialty “Endocrinology” are in great demand in practical medicine at the level of outpatient and inpatient care, they successfully work in institutions involved in medical rehabilitation (health centers, health and recreation resorts, rehabilitation centers), in research and training centers.