General Education (History of Education, Education’s Interaction with Social Relations and the Socio-Cultural Environment)

General Education (History of Education, Education’s Interaction with Social Relations and the Socio-Cultural Environment)

Training period
3 Years
Language of study
The contact person
RUDN IFL PGP Senior Coordinator
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
4000 3450
Russia, CIS-40% for the program; far abroad-20% for the program

About the profession

Pedagogy can mean the study of the theory and practice of education, but it can also refer to teaching children and young students in a personal, holistic way. Pedagogy is also related to social work, as studies in pedagogy may include childcare and early-years services, youth work, parenting and family support services, education for young offenders, or play work.

Students in pedagogy learn ways to effectively teach social skills and cultural norms to their future young pupils. Modern approaches include the ability to help young learners to create their own knowledge through “learning by teaching”, helping them develop critical thinking, stimulate creativity, engage in peer and self assessment, and others.

Academic process

This programme lets postgraduate students consider educational activity in the context of the development of modern civilization and socio-cultural policies. They will analyze modern approaches to the development of a classification of socio-cultural technologies. Students will then consider their application to leisure, folk art, education, dance and theatre.

The academic courses offered are those on General Education, History of Education, Education and its Interaction with an Individual’s Social Relations within the Socio-Cultural Environment, History and Philosophy of Science, Foreign Language, Pedagogy of High Education, Methodology of Scientific Research.


Students will conduct seminars and practical classes, as well as give lectures under the supervision of experienced professors. Proposal presentation, open debate, education master classes, and pop-science approaches are all designed to build professional competencies and to increase the student’s professional skills.

Career opportunities

 Hands-on industry experience is a core part of every course. Our dedicated placement scheme offers the opportunity to gain teaching experience, apply for research project internships, and participate in our award-winning partnerships.

Postgraduates are employed as teachers in secondary and higher educational institutions at home and abroad. They continue to be actively engaged in research activities and many focus on the work to obtain a PhD degrees from the world’s most prestigious universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Sorbonne, etc.).