Healthcare Management and Public Health

Healthcare Management and Public Health

Training period
2 Years
Language of study
The contact person
Doctor of Pharmacy, Head of the Department of Public Health, Healthcare and Hygiene
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
6400 5820
For citizens of foreign countries – 20% discount for the first year; for russian citizens and citizens of CIS countries – an annual discount of 30% (the price is indicated without discount).

About the profession

The residency programme aims to acquire professional competences in the study of the impact of social factors and environmental conditions on public health with the purpose of developing preventive measures to improve public health and the quality of medical care provision. The area of the specialist’s activity includes the protection of public health by providing medical assistance in accordance with established state standards. Types of professional activity are as follows: preventive, psycho-pedagogical, organizational and managerial ones. Thus, the profession does not imply the diagnostics and treatment of diseases.

Training process

The educational residency programme "Healthcare management and public health" is developed for people with higher medical education, aimed at training highly qualified specialists in the development of individual rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities.


Medical residents are distributed to the units of the clinical sites of the department, where, under the guidance of professors of the department, they have the opportunity both to expand their knowledge and see its application in practice. Students analyze clinical events and this provides the opportunity to obtain a wealth of clinical experience during residency training.


Graduates of the programme have the opportunity to work in health education institutions, regional healthcare departments and authorities, major-specific research institutes and centers. Upon completion of the residency programme, the students have the opportunity to enroll in the postgraduate programme on the specialization "Socio-medical expertise and socio-medical rehabilitation". After passing the exams, the students can get a job as a medical specialist in healthcare management and public health in any medical institution. A position of this specialist is available not only in major centers, but also in small out-patient clinics.