History of Russia in XIX – early XXI century

History of Russia in XIX – early XXI century

Mode of study
Level of study
Master’s Degree
Direction of preparation

Training period
2 Years
Language of study
The contact person
Doctor of History, Professor, Professor of the History of Russia Dept
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
4100 3730
Russia, CIS-20% for the program; far abroad-20% for the program

About Profession

History is a science about studying of his activities and attitudes both in the past and in the present.  “History of Russia in XIX-th - early XXIst century” represents one of the most urgent and essential areas of development humanities. The program provides an opportunity to study on the basis of modern theoretical concepts not only to rethink the history of our country, but also reveal its manifestation in our days. The program is aimed at introducing modern, including foreign achievements of historical science, master’s course students could apply their knowledge in practice, influencing society. Special attention is given to studying innovative approaches and research schools: modernization theories, anthropological history, everyday life, gender history, history of mentalities, cultural history, etc.  Knowledge, the ability to search for an impartial analysis of agreement between opposing political and international forces make up the core of professional. Modern historian learns not only to identify and understand the contents of the documents, but also to systematize and analyze them, that creates conditions for writing your own original texts.

Educational Process

The first year students have an intensive immersion in the theory and history of historical science. Students study the current state of the domestic and foreign historiography, historical journalism, tools of the knowledge of the past and means of taking advantage of historical knowledge in the present.


«Actual problems of historical studies", "modern history of historical science", "IT technologies in historical research", "Overseas historiography of history of Russia”, “History of Russia's political parties and movements of the 20th - early 21st centuries" "History of Russian enterprise", "Historical journalism”, "Russia in the modern world", "History of the Russian diaspora”, etc.

Practical Training

Special discussions, master classes held by leading historians, participation in round-tables and international conferences, writing reviews and articles for anthologies and magazines form the future specialists to have professional competence. Students have research, pedagogical and have a pre-degree practice in scientific research, cultural, international and higher educational institutions, as well as in government.


Successfully mastered the educational program, the alumni will be able to conduct research, to serve as an expert analyst in various national and international institutions, and public and political organisations, business structures; work in the media, archives and museums; become an expert on the historical-cultural and educational tourism.  The alumni get a boost to constantly improve their professional level, are able not only to conduct research and pedagogical work, but also to carry out humanitarian mission as an international lawyer, ready to formulate and defend the values of freedom and human dignity, friendship of peoples, cultural interaction, cooperation of states