International Projects Management

International Projects Management

Mode of study
Level of study
Master’s Degree
Direction of preparation

Training period
2 Years
Language of study
University partner
CNAM (France)
The contact person
Associate Professor, Ph.D
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
5000 4300

About the profession

Today, the introduction of the principles and mechanisms of project management has become one of the key conditions for the competitiveness of companies. Over the past decades, Project Management has emerged as a new management culture in the civilized business and business cooperation of different countries. Now it is difficult to name even one project of world significance or a well-known company in the world that does not use methods and means of Project Management in its practice.

In the conditions of constant intensification of the competition, the company's readiness for unforeseen events and the ability of competent managers to anticipate, plan and manage changes are especially topical. Knowledge of project management skills allows you to build a successful career in public authorities, business structures and international corporations. The main goal of the master's program is to train specialists in the field of international project management who are able to successfully compete with their foreign colleagues and conduct successful business both in Russian and international companies.

Educational process

A unique curriculum provides an opportunity to get not only theoretical knowledge related to project management methods, but also to acquire practical skills necessary for successful work both in Russian and international companies. The main discipline "Management of International Projects" introduces students to all aspects of project management based on the PMBOK standard. The program also includes such disciplines as Corporate Finance, Strategic Analysis, Investment Analysis, Project Analysis, IT in Corporate Finance, Quality Management, Information Systems Management, Project Management "," Business-engineering ", etc.
In the process of teaching widely used modern technologies. Masters of the program conduct active scientific work.
Within the scope of the specialty "Management of external projects", the opportunity to enter the program of double diplomas in cooperation with the International Institute of Tutoring Education, Science and Technology (CNAM, Paris) is being implemented.


Master classes with experienced managers and leading experts in the field of project management, participation in international events, real business cases and business games allow students to form the professional skills necessary for a successful career. Pre-diploma practice is an obligatory part of the educational process and is conducted at the final stage of training after mastering the program of theoretical and practical training and the delivery of all types of intermediate certification by students. The main practice bases are such companies as Kodak, Gazprom, Rosneft, VTB24, Getspartners, Expobank, Rosneft, EDF, BNP, etc.


The project manager is the specialist responsible for the successful execution of the project. This post imposes a high responsibility on the specialist; It controls all the processes and resources of the project and the final result of the work depends on it. The career path of the project manager always leads to top management and to projects of a larger budget.

The profession of the project manager is in high demand in many industries, including In the field of information technology, construction, finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, organization of international events, etc. The field of professional activity of masters includes organizations of any organizational and legal form: commercial, non-profit, state, municipal. In every major business, the profession of the project manager is necessary and economically justified.

To date, specialization is one of the most popular. Graduates of the program can hold positions: project manager (group, department, project development and implementation center, business plans, development programs); project manager; project coordinator; Project Planning Manager; A member of a team of project managers, etc.