Management of International Education

Management of International Education

Training period
2 Year
Language of study
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
5000 4300


Today, effective management is an indispensable condition for successful functioning of any socio-economic system, and especially such a complex one as the educational system. Rapid development of the scale and forms of international educational cooperation during the last decade and the expansion of the world market of educational services require more and more highly qualified specialists in the field of international education. The requirements for the qualification and competence of managers and analysts who work in departments and structures dealing with international educational cooperation and exporting Russian education, as well as in various international services are constantly getting tougher. Modern practice of higher education shows how important it is for educational managers not only to reduce costs, but also be innovative in solutions to maintain the universities sustainability in challenging and unpredictable conditions.


Educational Process


Along with 5 basic disciplines that are obligatory for "Management" field of study, students also need to study 15 disciplines, 6 of which are electives aimed at developing relevant professional competences. The curricula of master's programs include, in particular, such important disciplines for a manager in the field of international education as "Structure and management in higher education", "Educational systems of foreign countries", "International educational cooperation", "World market of educational services", "Academic mobility and recognition of qualifications", "Information technologies of managerial activity". Classes are taught by first-class specialists who are international experts with extensive experience in both Russian higher education authorities and international organizations for academic cooperation.




Students do internships in subdivisions and departments of Russian and foreign higher education organizations, as well as educational authorities directly involved in organizing international educational cooperation or in their information, analytical and scientific support.




The State Priority Project "Development of the Export Potential of the Russian Educational System 2017-2025” significantly increases the prospects for employment and career growth of the graduates of the program.
The proposed program is designed to train managers and analysts who are able to successfully work in organizations and departments of the Russian education system and organize international educational cooperation and export of educational services. The field of professional activity of the graduates also includes managerial activities in organizations of any organizational and legal form, in which graduates work as executors or leaders in various international services.