Modern Trends of History of Russia and China: Comparative Approach (with the Shandong University)

Modern Trends of History of Russia and China: Comparative Approach (with the Shandong University)

Mode of study
Level of study
Master’s Degree
Direction of preparation

Training period
2 Years
Language of study
The contact person
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Head of the Department of History of Russia, Professor of the Department of History of Russia
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
4100 3730
Russia, CIS-20% for the program; far abroad-20% for the program
For citizens of far abroad countries and CIS countries – 40% discount for the first year (the price is indicated without discount).

Programme focus

Studying history of Russia and China, comparing trends of development and cultural traditions is an area of historical knowledge much in demand in the society. The programme combines fundamental theoretical training, extensive multidisciplinary approach and different kinds of internship. As a result, it allows both to do research of the modern phenomena and processes running in both countries and to develop projects aimed at cooperation of Russia and China.

The programme is oriented to those who are interested in culture and history of China, prone to make comparative research, able to learn foreign languages and analyze documents and scientific literature, ready to put the acquired knowledge into practice when writing different texts, consulting and carrying out an expertise, scientific, cultural, managerial, public, international and teaching activities.

The specialists who cognize the fundamental patterns of the modern history, special features of cultures and mentalities of different peoples become intermediaries in their dialogue.

Educational process

The curriculum includes two modules. The first year of studies is at Shandong University, the training is in Chinese; the second year is at RUDN University, the training is in Russian. Master’s thesis advising is joint (Russia, China). Chinese master’s students write their theses and present them in Russian and Russian students write and present theirs in Chinese. RUDN University and Shandong University award master’s diplomas recognized in PRC and Russia.

The programme allows to get acquainted with the Russian and Chinese scientific schools, with the experience of studying history, culture and modernization of both countries and to improve the knowledge of a foreign language in practice.


“Interdisciplinary approaches in historical science”, “Topical issues of historical research”, “History of economy of China of modern and contemporary times”; “Modern and contemporary social history of China”; “Historiography of history of China”; “History of modern relations of China and other countries”, “Computer technologies in historical research” “Introduction to cultural heritage”, “Methods of teaching history in a higher school”; “Main issues of history of Russia: theory and historiography”, “Russia in the modern world” and etc.


Special discussions, participation in the work of the scientific laboratory “Comparative analysis of history of Russia and other countries”, participation in international colloquia and conferences, writing reviews and articles for collections of scientific articles and journals including the ones indexed by the State Commission for the Academic Degrees and Titles. All the above mentioned taken together forms the future specialists’ competences. Masters have research, teaching and pre-graduation internship in international scientific and research, cultural and higher education institutions.

Career opportunities

After completing the educational programme a graduate can carry out research work, work as an expert and analyst in different international, cultural and state institutions, non-governmental and political organizations, business structures; work in mass media, archives and museums; become a specialist in historical and cultural and educational tourism.

The graduates are capable to apply the acquired knowledge when making research of history of Russia and China to realize the modern cooperation between the two countries.

After their graduation master’s graduates can work as consultants, experts, employees of the information departments in Chinese institutions and joint Sino-Russian projects; as specialists in international organizations and foreign policy offices; in mass media, archives, museums, publishing houses, institutions of culture, as lecturers, specialists in historical and cultural and educational tourism.