Organization of Pharmaceutical Business: Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Organization of Pharmaceutical Business: Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Mode of study
Level of study
Postgraduate Course
Direction of preparation
Pharmaceutical Science

Training period
3 Years
Language of study
The contact person
Head of the Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Professor, Doctor of Pharmacy
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
4200 3600
Russia, CIS-40% for the program; far abroad-20% for the program

About the profession

The basic educational programme for the training of highly qualified personnel (postgraduate studies) in the field of study 33.06.01 "Pharmacy", specialization 14.04.03 "Organization of pharmaceutical business" is developed in accordance with the postgraduate educational standard of higher education of RUDN University.

Purpose of the programme

Training of highly qualified scientific and academic personnel of the pharmaceutical profile for science, education, practice, the formation and development of their competences in accordance with the professional activity, for which graduates, who have mastered the postgraduate programme, are trained:

  • in the field of scientific research – research in the field of organizational-managerial and information-educational pharmaceutical activities (GPP, GDP);
  • in the field of teaching activities on educational programmes of higher education – management and economics of pharmacy.

Training process

The training process includes the improvement of knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of marketing research, rational pharmaceutical management, multivariate analysis, scientific forecasting of economic phenomena, management theory, based on mathematical-statistical, information, pharmacoeconomic methods.


"Methodology of Scientific Research", "The Role of Pharmacy in Solving Social and Medical-Biological Problems", "Good Pharmaceutical Practice and Quality Management System", "Methods of Pharmacoeconomic Analysis", "Pharmaceutical Logistics", etc.


The students undertake teaching and scientific-research internships. Postgraduate students have a unique opportunity to show their talent in teaching disciplines to students of the specialty "Pharmacy", as well as to take part in setting up and conducting an experiment, obtaining, processing results and presenting them in scientific reports and at conferences.


After having successfully mastered the educational programme, the students will be able to fulfill their potential in innovative activities in the relevant field of pharmacy and in related fields of science and higher education. A PhD graduate of RUDN University has the opportunity to become a head of marketing departments, sales departments, analytical departments of pharmaceutical companies – manufacturers and distributors, to engage in the strategic development, to develop organizational and economic aspects of creating new, innovative medicines and marketing programs for their promotion. Graduates are in demand and work both in Russia and abroad.