Public Administration (with the Pierre Mendes France University)

Public Administration (with the Pierre Mendes France University)

Mode of study
Level of study
Master’s Degree
Direction of preparation
Political Sciences

Training period
2 Years
Language of study
Russian / English / French
University partner
Pierre Mendes France University (Grenoble, France)
The contact person
Ph.D., Professor of Comparative Politics
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
3500 3000


Academic training in Political Science with the specifics of the Russian-French Intercultural Communication opens up the possibility of a wide professional choice - the international departments of government agencies, leading world and Russian media, research and analytical centers, consulting organizations (think tanks), corporate business whose activity affect the scope of Russian-French relations.

Educational process

The Master program of "double diploma" - "Public Administration - Political Science" - is biennial and is conducted on the basis of two universities - the Russian Peoples' Friendship University and the University of Pierre Mendes France (Grenoble, France). Specialization gives an idea about the specifics of public administration in Russia and France, forms and mechanisms of control in the Russian Federation and the EU, as well as the peculiarities of the Russian-French political and socio-cultural dialogue.

First year masters’ joint program is carried out at the Department of Comparative Political Science, Russian University of Peoples' Friendship. Training is conducted in Russian and English. Students receive intensive training, plunging in the specifics of the Russian state system, energy policy and the vectors of the Russian-French relations.

The second year is held at the University Pierre Mendes France (Grenoble, France) where the masters are trained in French language. Within the past year, the work of master students is shifted towards research and practice.

Master's thesis defence takes place on the site of the Russian Peoples' Friendship University with the participation of professors from Pierre Mendes France University (Grenoble, France). Within the framework of the graduate defence they have the opportunity to prepare a dissertation in the Russian and French languages. Presentation of the qualification study carried out in Russian and French.


"Public Policy", "Theory of State and decentralization", "Globalization and comparative analysis of administrative systems", "Security, justice and democracy", "International activities of municipalities of cities and regional authorities", "Human Capital Management", "Modeling and Control policy conflicts ", " Management of ethnic and religious conflicts”, “Administrative and political management (Public Administration) in Russia" and others.


Discussions on the most current issues of Russian and world politics, master classes by leading Russian and foreign political scientists, participation in the most prestigious scientific events in Russia, as well as preparing their own events (from the format of "round tables" to international political science conferences) - generate interest in the Masters program to the deep immersion in the profession creating all the necessary skills and competence.

Due to the high demand for political scientists with the knowledge of the French language, Masters of this program have the unique opportunity of a wide choice of structures and organizations for practical training. The most popular choice within the practice are public institutions, which are involved in the development and maintenance of Russian-French relations. Masters are also showing interest in participating in the business projects of major consulting companies that are directly related to the work, not only in bilateral relations but also international organizations, with the participation of Russia and France. Multinational companies and the media focused on the French market are always ready to take a double masters program in externship.


With its unique experience of immersion in the life of the French mentality it will not be difficult to find a common "points of contact" with your future partners, which is certainly an advantage.

Starting with a specialist, you will be able to operate successfully within the framework of the Russian-French strategic projects and in the future will be able to lead the company's international business department or the Department of State, to make a successful career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or to become a political columnist.

Whatever activity you choose you will be able to influence events in bilateral and international relations, articulating and defending the interests of Russia on the world stage.