Higher School of Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship
Higher School of Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship
Director of RUDN University Higher School of Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship
PhD in Economics
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employees of Rostec State Corporation complete advanced training courses annually

Department of Applied Economics

The Department of Applied Economics was established supported by the Roscosmos State Corporation (formerly – Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)) in 2011. It trains specialists in economic management of industrial enterprises and business, big data analysts and developers. It implements a bachelor’s programme in Enterprise Management in Science-Driven Industries and 6 master’s programmes.

Graduates of the Department can:

  • work with a large amount of information to study consumer behaviour;
  • build forecasts of market trends;
  • develop new models of information infrastructure of enterprises;
  • develop high-tech products and ensure their production;
  • manage high-tech companies and their own business;
  • open innovative start-ups; and etc.
The Dean
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Chursin
Dr. Habil. in Economics, Professor
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2304

Department of Innovation Management and External Economic Activity in Manufacturing Industry

The Department of Innovation Management and External Economic Activity in Manufacturing Industry is a specialized department of the Rostec State Corporation. All the teaching staff of the Department are State Corporation’s employees. The Department trains specialists in innovation management and conducting external economic activity under modern economic conditions. Graduates of the Department have skills of elaborating a company’s development strategy, managing innovations and technologic competences, creating business and monetizing it, forming a company’s investment portfolio. Thesis projects are real business cases.

Master’s programme:

Innovation Management in Manufacturing Industry

The Dean
Aleksandr Ivanovich Kashirin
Dr. Habil. in Economics, Professor
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2308

Department of Compliance and Controlling

The Department trains a managerial internal control and audit system elite for internal control bodies, economic security services of production facilities, who have expertise in the methods of corporate government and crisis management.

Master’s programme:

Compliance Control in Organizations’ Activities


The Dean
Yulia Vyacheslavovna Ragulina
Dr. Habil. in Economics, Professor
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2307

Department of Digital Enterprise Management in Fuel and Energy Complex

The Department trains specialists in digital enterprise economy and management in fuel and energy complex, who have expertise in economic activity and digital culture. Training under the Department’s programmes enables acquiring skills of intellectual data analysis for managing mega-projects in digitalization, adapting business to digital transformation, applying digital economic tools in energy complex.

Master’s programme:

Digital Enterprise Economy and Management

The Dean
Vladimir Fyodorovich Ukolov
Dr. Habil. in Economics, Professor
+7 (495) 787-38-03 ext.: 2306
5 Key Reasons to Choose the Faculty


The Higher School of Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship (HSIPЕ) trains economists, analysts, developers, IT specialists for state corporations and business, solves engineering tasks in managing production facilities, optimizing assets in various economic sectors and developing business and innovations.

All the HSIPЕ educational programmes are of applied nature and implemented in cooperation with partner companies in a wide range of industries: fuel and energy industry, aircraft industry, internal control and audit, space industry, real estate management, etc.

The HSIPЕ implements a modern educational model when all curricula are formed jointly with HR management of large companies, and specialists and top management of state corporations are involved in teaching. From the first year, a training curator from an enterprise is assigned to every student, students have their internship only in partner companies in the field of study which approve the themes of the course papers and theses, which allows all the SIPE students to receive a real experience and practical skills.

Practice-oriented training ensures that the SIPE graduates be in demand on the market and have the highest employment percentage among all the university departments. Most graduates receive offers from the employers before completing their bachelor’s programme and have an opportunity to complete their master’s training using employer’s funds.

The HSIPЕ builds the Entrepreneurship and Innovations programme up. It launched the student RUDN Business Club where everyone who wants to do business receives support of their business ideas, can develop and transform them into their own business and market them supported by business experts.

Annually, the HSIPЕ does research and development in digital transformation of enterprises, developing intellectual systems and processing big data by order of business partners, ministries and agencies.

The HSIPЕ partners include such large companies as Russian Helicopters JSC, United Aircraft Corporation JSC, United Engine Corporation JSC, Russian Space Systems JSC, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO, ROSCOSMOS State Corporation, Rostec State Corporation, Pioneer Group, AEON Corporation, AFI Development, and etc.