28 Apr
The chemist RUDN proposed effective catalysts for water purification from caffeine

The chemist RUDN proposed a way to destroy caffeine with the help of ultraviolet radiation and available composites. The discovery will help to safely clean the water from accidental contamination.

28 Apr
RUDN Chemist Improves Classical Reaction to Produce Complex Amines

The rudn university chemist together with colleagues from Belgium improved the protocol of the classical Petasis reaction, which is used to obtain substances for medicine and agrochemistry. The improved method allows the reaction to be carried out in mild conditions with a high yield of the product.

27 Apr
RUDN ecologists: gypsum is ineffective for protecting soils from toxic metals

The ecologists of the RUDN for the first time proved the ineffectiveness of the popular method of protecting the soil from toxic metals — gypsum treatment. It turned out that this practice is not only ineffective, but, on the contrary, increases the level of pollution.

15 Apr
RUDN economists found out why eco-labels do not work in Russia, and suggested how to fix it

RUDN economists have found out how consumers relate to eco-labeling in Russia. It turned out thattheydo not pay attention to eco-labels, and manufacturers mislead them,so in Russia eco-labeling does not yet contribute to the sustainable developmentof the economy. Ekonomists suggested using a smartphone appto helpshoppers verify the authenticity of eco-marks.

05 Apr
RUDN University Mathematician Сreates a Model of Tumor Growth

RUDN University mathematician built a model of the tumor growth with account of tissue mechanics. Unlike many others, it is quite simple for numerical and analytical research. It made it possible to reproduce two phenomena described in clinical practice. Further study of the model will allow finding optimal ways to treat tumors.

31 Mar
RUDN University Chemist Proposed Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Fluorescent Compounds for Medicine

RUDN and Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) chemist proposed an eco-friendly method for the synthesis of pyrrole and pyrazole derivatives with a wide range of applications in medicine: from antidepressants to anticancer. Moreover, the synthesized compounds possess interesting fluorescence features, and the bioactive scaffolds might attract great interest in the fields of clinical diagnostics and biomedical research in the future.

28 Mar
RUDN University Mathematician Suggests the Way to Make Group Decisions With “Conflict behaviour” of Participants

RUDN University mathematician proposed a feedback mechanism for a group decision-making. It is based on a joint and step-by-step convergence of the opinions of all participants in the process, and not only those in discordance with the common opinion.

23 Mar
RUDN University engineers named the best machine learning methods for processing radar data

RUDN University engineers compared four machine learning methods used to process radar data. The researchers named the most effective and fastest methods.

22 Mar
RUDN veterinarians have found three promising probiotics for the treatment of cats

RUDN veterinarians have identified three of the most promising bacteria from the cat microflora that could form the basis of probiotics to fight surgical infections incats.

16 Mar
RUDN chemists have created a “green” catalyst for the synthesis of complex molecules for medicine and industry

RUDN chemists have created a palladium catalyst for the Suzuki reaction for a more economical and safe synthesis of complex molecules for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It keeps palladium from unwanted ingress into the final product, allows the reaction to be carried out in a “green” solvent and achieve 97% of the product yield.

14 Mar
RUDN researchers have prepared for publication a special issue ‘THE FUTURE OF MATHEMATICAL COSMOLOGY’ of the world’s oldest scientific journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (Proceedings of the British Academy of Sciences)

At the suggestion of the Royal Society, for the first time in history, scientists of a Russian university — from the Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology of RUDN, Professors Spiros Cotsakis (Greece) and Alexander P. Yefremov (Russia) — were invited as responsible editors and authors of a special thematic issue “The Future of Mathematical Cosmology” of the scientific journal Philosophical Transactions (series A, quartile Q1).

09 Mar
RUDN University linguists have proposed a new methodology for learning a foreign language in the field of professional communication

RUDN University linguists have developed a new methodology for learning a foreign language. Its main idea is the complete linguistic and cultural immersion of the student. It is assumed that this methodology will be especially useful for language learning in the field of professional communication.