14 Oct
Tissue architecture, cell organization, biomedical products: a scientific and educational resource center opens at RUDN University

October 4, the Research and Educational Resource Center (NRRC) of innovative technologies for immunophenotyping, digital spatial profiling and ultrastructural analysis (molecular morphology) was opened at RUDN.

20 Sep
RUDN University mathematician determined the conditions for the coexistence of three species in the wild

RUDN University mathematician together with colleagues from India and France for the first time studied in detail the system of coexistence of three species of living creatures in the wild. The results help to understand what parameters determine the extinction andли survivalof species, and how the number of species changes in space and time.

15 Sep
RUDN University Chemist Created Coordination Polymers Films with up to 99.99% antibacterial efficiency

RUDN University chemist with his colleagues from Portugal has developed two types of coating based on new coordination polymers with silver. Both compounds were successfully tested against four common pathogens.

12 Sep
RUDN scientists have improved titanium dental implants with graphene nanosloyers

RUDN researchers have created and tested a method for processing titanium dental implants. It turned out that theanoslos of graphene on the surface of titanium improve its interaction with stem cells,which are placed on the implant so that it better "takes root".Thanks to this method ofprocessing, stem cells are better kept on the surface, multiply and turn into the desired cells.

09 Sep
Geologists have proven the effectiveness of a simple and cheap method for determining the age of minerals

Geologists have proven the effectiveness of a new method for determining the age of pyrites — minerals that appear during the formation of ore, during tectonic and sedimentary processes. The new method is simpler and more accurate than the classical one, besides it does not require a large number of samples for analysis.

08 Sep
The RUDN medical officer named the most susceptible to inflammation of the respiratory tract workers of metalworking plants

Physician RUDN University together with colleagues from Kazakhstan and the United States investigated inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract in workers of the metalworking industry. They are exposed to constant exposure to particulate matter (inhale metal particles) and this can have negative health effects. According to the composition of exhaled air, doctors assessed for which areas of work in production the risk of inflammatory processes in the lungs is more pronounced.

05 Sep
RUDN mathematicians have proposed a simple model for a 5G network for VR applications

RUDN mathematicians have proposed a model for calculating the optimal parameters of a 5G network for virtual reality applications. It is simpler than analogues and at the same time is not inferior to them in efficiency.

26 Aug
RUDN University сhemist: microalgae help purify water and synthesize biofuels

RUDN University chemist together with colleagues from India, Russia and South Africa showed that green microalgae Chlorella sorokiniana can be used for cleaning wastewater from a toxic pyrene. Algae absorb pyrene and at the same time change their metabolism to adapt to stressful conditions. As a result, more lipids are formed in algae, from which safe biofuels can be efficiently synthesized.

25 Aug
RUDN University art student will talk about deconstructivism in fashion at the forum “Science of the Future — Science of the Young”

Elizaveta Krivonosova is studying Arts and Humanities at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She became one of four students of RUDN University — finalists of the research competition of the forum “Science of the Future — Science of the Young”. Read about deconstructivism and fashion in an interview.

23 Aug
RUDN chemists have created catalysts for cheap and efficient synthesis of propylene and ethylene

RUDN chemists have proposed catalysts for the production of propylene and ethylene. The new catalyst is based on minerals and makes synthesis cheaper, more efficient and more convenient.

19 Aug
Simple protocol for the potential anti-cancer drugs synthesis

Chemists from Russia and the USA have created a protocol for the synthesis of potential anti-cancer drugs. It allows obtaining promising compounds “in one pot” — that is, by mixing all the reagents in a single reaction.

18 Aug
RUDN University biologist has determined what determines the activity of soil microbes and how climate change affects it

The RUDN biologist named the main driving factor that determines the activity of soil microorganisms in different ecosystems. The results will help to better understand the processes that occur and will occur due to climate change.