RUDN University is one of the most creative universities in Russia. Sport, stage, TV…
There is everything here to become a star! The International Cultural Centre (Interclub) offers a variety of vocal, dance and eloquence interest groups.

The RUDN University International Cultural Centre

"Interclub" — is a concert and rehearsal platform, the main place for creativity at the university. Here, you can fulfil your potential as a singer, musician, actor, dancer. Here, you can be engaged in dancing, theatre, vocal studios free of charge, train in What? Where? When? intellectual games club. Interclub conducts national holidays, student festivals, talent shows, competitions, meetings with famous people, master classes, fairs, theatre performances, music saloons, poetry events, themed nights, quests.

On 25 January, on the Student's Day, it is customary at RUDN University to butter up the Learned Cat, which lives in the library of the main building.
In February, the RUDN University birthday is celebrated on a grand scale - it was founded on 5 February 1960.
The wide Maslenitsa festival is celebrated in a special way at RUDN University.
Is held for theatre lovers. Students demonstrate the best works of world literature of various genres: poetry, prose, rap, STEM.
Is everyone's favorite and largest holiday at RUDN University. It includes a large fair on the square near the main building and a marathon concert.
Every year RUDN brings together followers of the "free dance" founder from Russia, USA, Great Britain, Greece. Children and adults participate in the Festival. The programme includes performances by studios and creative groups, master classes from artists, musicians, painters, art historians, culture experts, philosophers.
Is an informal event. The authors of the project are students. This is a party for lovers of live music and poetry, songs with a guitar.
A creative season at RUDN University opens with a concert-presentation of the International Cultural Centre studios.
Interclub becomes one of the sites of the All-Russian action "Night of Arts".
Unites talented students of RUDN University faculties, institutes and Academy.
Demonstrate acquired skills, embody creative ideas into the best staged performances.

Our Achievements

Creative Groups of Interclub

The repertoire includes over 250 dances. The main feature of the performances is that they are close to the original source and adhere to traditions. The dance of Colombian fishermen, Arabic Dabka, Gumboot dance of African miners, Ukrainian Hopak are the brightest and most memorable performances staged by students. The dances of the peoples of Russia will also be taught here: Russian circle dances, Tatar, Bashkir, Mari dances, dances of the peoples of the North, etc.

The main principle of the studio is expressing emotions through dance. On its stage, the studio brings together followers of the "free dance" founder from Russia, USA, Great Britain, Greece. Here everyone can become a choreographer and create a dance piece under their own impression from the music. Classes help develop lightness, flexibility and fluency, and all exercises are based on breath work.

Regardless of the genre in which you intend to sing, academic vocalism will become the basis for creative development.

All creative teams of Interclub

Step by step instructions for registration in a studio

  • Choose a studio you would like to enrol.
  • Look at the current schedule.
  • Come to meet with the head. Be ready to perform a creative task: sing a song, dance, read a poem…
  • Have you succeeded in it? Did you like it? Welcome!
    Have any questions left? We will answer, tell everything and help you in room 204 of Interclub, on the phone +7 (495) 433-04-01, by email

RUDN University Cultural Centre (Interclub)

room 204, 21a, Miklukho-Maklaya st., Moscow 117198

Working Hours: from 10.00 till 23.00.

Natalia P. Man’ko
Head of mass entertainment sector
Aleksei B. Golev
Producer of Interclub
Aleksandr A. Utkin
Director of Interclub