There are no universities with the Atmosphere of RUDN University

RUDN University is the globe in miniature. It gives the students a unique opportunity to travel across the cultures of different countries. The skill to achieve mutual understanding is formed in Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in many different ways: from groups and public organizations to hostels, amateur art groups, and foreign communities.

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Life in RUDN
26 Feb
Window to the World: RUDN University foreign students spoke at VDNH on the reason why education in Russia is more than receiving a diploma

On a Sunday winter day at the exhibition named “Russia” RUDN University gathered students, partners, colleagues, and organized lectures under the title “We are different! We are equal! We are together!” The event took place in Pavilion 57 on the platform of the Russian Society “Znanie”. And on this day the hall was jam-packed.

Life in RUDN
09 Jan
An exhibition, a round table and a mini-football tournament... RUDN University hosts cultural days of students from Algeria

The event was attended by more than 350 students from Russia, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia. The students organized an exhibition of the fraternity, introducing the guests to national dances, treating them to Algerian coffee, Arabic sweets and talked about the culture and history of the people of the country. The week ended with a futsal tournament.

Life in RUDN
29 Dec 2023
Congratulations of the Rector and students of RUDN University on New Year 2024

On the eve of the New Year, we are summing up the past 365 days and set new goals for the next year. Whatever we do — study, work or do research — we intend to conquer even higher peaks.

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5 Dec
Meeting of “A” level students
Meeting of “A” level students is held every year at the end of October. This is the event when the best of the best – “A” level and active students – are awarded with certificates, gifts money, and scholarships.
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26 Oct
Miss RUDN is not a classic beauty contest. This is a show where the most talented and bright students of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia perform.
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3 Oct
Days and Weeks of culture
During the whole year students’ communities hold Days and Weeks of culture: exhibitions of souvenirs, of national costumes and attributes, cooking of exotic dishes workshops, stories and legends, dances and music.
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