Safety, Health and Wellness

Safety, Health and Wellness

Medical service
There is a Clinical and Diagnostic Center of the Medical Institute (CDC MI) RUDN on the territory of the University, which provides medical care for foreign citizens with a VMI policy of RUDN and for Russian citizens with a CMI policy, who are serviced inthe CDC MI RUDN.

Specialists of the Center provide all types of primary outpatient health care: planned, emergency, emergency care, examination of temporary disability, and also carry out the direction of patients for planned and emergency hospitalization, sanatorium treatment, medical and social examination.
According to the Laws of the Russian Federation, all foreign citizens in Russia must have a valid policy of voluntary medical insurance (VMI).

In addition, they are required to undergo official medical examinations in order to identify/exclude diseases that prevent staying in the territory of the Russian Federation.   

RUDN University offers to help foreign students to conclude a contract for medical care. The package of medical care of RUDN costs 17 500 rubles and includes:

  • all services of standard VMI policy,
  • passing the necessary medical examinations with the issuance of certificates,
  • emergency medical care,
  • dental care,
  • receiving planned medical care,
  • consultative, diagnostic and medical assistance from the specialists of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center of RUDN: therapist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, obstetrician-gynecologist, dentist, etc.,
  • medical care and hospitalization in case of emergency,
  • repatriation.

Thus, foreign citizens, who have a package of medical services of RUDN, fully pass all obligatory medical examinations under the law of the Russian Federation, necessary for the permission to stay in the Russian Federation, admission to training sessions, physical education and accommodation in dormitories.

All foreign citizensresiding in the Russian Federation must have a policy of voluntary health insurance (VHI).
In 2020/2021 academic year the cost of medical care is
17,500 rubles
How to get the VHI policy?
International students of RUDN University go to:
  1. RUDN Multifunctional Center (MFC, Main building, ground floor) — to draw up a contract for medical services and receive an invoice
  2. Bank (any) — pay the bill for medical care
  3. RUDN Multifunctional Center (Main building, ground floor)- take your ID (passport) and paid invoice and get a Health Insurance policy
  4. RUDN Medical Center — issue an outpatient medical record
Government-subsidized student of RUDN address in:
  1. CDC MI RUDN University (room 504) - to draw up a contract for medical care and receive an invoice for payment
  2. Bank (any) -to pay the bill under the contract for medical care
  3. CDC MI RUDN University (registry office or room 118) -to issue an outpatient records
  4. CDC MI RUDN University (room 504) - to issue a VMI policy (if you have a payment receipt, medical records and passport)
What to do if one fell ill?

If you fell ill, you need to contact the registry of the RUDN Clinical and Diagnostic Center, get a coupon for an appointment with the doctor on duty that will examine you and prescribe an examination and treatment.

If you have a fever and / or state of health that does not allow you to queue while waiting for a doctor's appointment, go to room 112 of the RUDN Clinic and Diagnostic Center (this is the emergency room).

Healthy lifestyle
RUDN - is the University of a healthy lifestyle. Disease prevention, sports infrastructure, psychologically comfortable conditions-we care about the health of students and staff.
The campus is located in an ecologically clean area of Moscow, residential areas smoothly pass into the forest Park with areas for workout, yoga, basketball and with equipped routes for running (jogging), skiing, orienteering.

The main points of a comprehensive approach of RUDN University to ensuring the environment for a healthy lifestyle is reflected in a special Programme for the protection of the health of students and staff of RUDN, valid till 2020.

The University pays special attention to the prevention of diseases. Once a year, all students and staff undergo obligatorymedical examination.

This allows specialists to observe the dynamics of each person, identify hidden health problems (which the patient may not know) and prevent the risks of exacerbation of chronic diseases. There are 2 ways to pass medical examination:

  1. According to the schedule with his classmates or colleagues.
  2. Individually-it is necessary to apply to the registry of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center of RUDN.
Center for Adaptation of Foreign Students

At first, foreign students live in the adaptation Center. They learn the rules of residence, the code of conduct, the rules of the dormitory and can get the first social and psychological support.

Center for Psychological Support

Every student and employee can get professional consultation in the office of psychological aid. Experts help with any psychological problem: self-doubt, conflicts in the family and at work, fears and phobias... It is also possible to pass trainings on development of skills of interpersonal and intercultural communication. Helping is free.


Helpline: 8 (903) 133-39-35


Students and staff can improve their health in the sanatorium.  Here, medical and preventive procedures are carried out taking into account the conditions of study, work and life. Specialists help to diagnose ENT diseases, carry out a set of measures to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, undergo a course of therapeutic massage, strengthen the immune system, as well as use the Spa capsule for aroma-hydroxy-reflexology and much more. All services are provided for free.

The therapist of the CDCgives the referral, and the Department of Social Development prepares a voucher. For patientswith chronic diseasesa treatment coursewill be appointed, and for healthy patients a strengtheningcoursewill be appointed.

The staff of the sanatorium-dispensary – a chief physician, a therapist, a ENT doctor, a gastroenterologist, 2 nurses, 2 masseurs, 2 physical therapy instructors and economic staff.

Every year, about 500 people receive the help of specialists of the sanatorium-preventorium RUDN.

Safety in RUDN University is not just words, it is the daily work of a large staff of personnel, ensuring a quiet life within the walls of the University.
The duty group of the Center for Comprehensive Maintenance of Law and Order
The duty group of the Center for Comprehensive Maintenance of Law and Order is protecting the University facilities around the clock from unauthorized access and reacts to emergency situations.
The Central Dispatch Office
All over the territory and in the buildings there are 2200 surveillance cameras, information from which is continuously sent to the Central Dispatch Office.
The Department for Fire Prevention
The Department for Fire Prevention round the clock monitors the work of the Central Dispatching University, and also teaches fire safety standards for all employees and students during regular training fire alarms.
Private security companies
The RUDN campus is a security area. Entrance to each building - only by electronic passes through the access system. The order is monitoredby private security companies.
The police station
In addition to it, the police station is located on the territory of the student campus, which serves exclusively the RUDN territory.