International student construction brigade "Friendship Meridian"

 Is not only for work, but also for self-realization in creativity and sports 

4 reasons to work at ISCB «Friendship Meridian»
Useful Summer

Large weekly events and new acquaintances in July and August (Spartakiada Games, ISCB Mister and Miss, creative evenings).

Stable earnings

The average salary in the summer is 33,000 rubles per month, in a year-round construction brigade is 12,000 rubles.

Your own university by your own hands

You become a part of and join the traditions of the International Student Brigade, with more than half a century of history.

Work for everyone

No matter what kind of experience you have, what you can do and what you can’t, the construction brigade will bring its own useful experience for each and allow you to test yourself in something new.

There were 75 people in our brigade and they represented almost all continents who studied at our University. These 75 people did almost impossible, they built a two-storey school, 20 houses and laid the foundation of the club jut in 2 months
Tatiana Sorokina
graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Patrice Lumumba UDN University in 1966, worked in ISCB from 1964-1965,
The best memories are not those about studies, but those about the construction brigade. It was a romantic era, an era of great construction projects. We went for the fog and the smell of the taiga. The only thing I regret is that I was in construction brigades only twice.
Tatiana Ponomoreva
graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Patrice Lumumba UDN University in 1971 and worked in ISCB from 1969 to 1970
We not only built well, but also actively participated in the life of the villages near which we were located: we held international concerts, invited villagers to our events, organized competitions, life was in full swing as it should
Valeriy Slyusorchuk
graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Patrice Lumumba UDN University in 1969 and worked in ISCB from 1967 to 1968
I started working in the construction brigade from the first year of my stay in Russia. Over the five years of my life in Moscow and studies at RUDN University, I have gone from a simple soldier to a line commander. Now my task is to share all the knowledge that I have got during this time with new members. I like that now I can teach the guys work properly. I think that the construction brigade is not just a job, it is a family where everyone is cherished and respected. Work in ISCB not only gives me the opportunity to earn money, but also helps me socialize, and first of all find friends
Ede Maduabuchi Daniel
is a postgraduate student of the Medical Institute of the RUDN University; he has been working with ISCB since 2014. He studied in the field of
I don’t know why, but even during the preparation for work I was good at choosing the right shade of paint, and this was immediately noticed by my commander, and then by the chiefs of the corps in which I worked. I am pleased that the management highly appreciates my diligence, desire to work efficiently and beautifully. After completing the required amount of work, I am happy to help the guys from my team.
Correia Sokratis Ippolito
graduate of the Faculty of Economics of RUDN University in 2020, worked from 2015-2020. He studied in the field of
This year I passed the "Beginner's training", and, by the way, passed the exam for the highest score and got to work in the construction brigade out of turn. I'm very proud of it! I'm glad I got into the window cleaning brigade. Windows are the face of our university; clean glass is always a pleasure to look at! Washing them is not only my job, but also an honorable duty. We made very good friends with the guys from the brigade, we work in a team, so we do not have any problems at work. I like my brigade and I really love the construction brigade.
Wang Chang
China, Faculty of Economics, member of ISCB
This is my second year of work in a construction brigade. From the first day at work, I realized that the construction brigade is cool! A friendly team, good wages, fun activities, an understanding and energetic team leader - this is exactly what I would like to get out of my job. When I finish my studies and return home, I will happily remember our Orjo brigade, our activities, how we visited our foreman, our best university friend from Afghanistan, funny incidents at work.
Almakusi Yazan Mahmoud Salem
Jordan, member of ISCB
When I got a job in the construction brigade, I was told that whoever worked there would no longer want to go home for the summer and would work again. I was skeptical about this because I thought, what could be fun about washing windows or painting a fence? So, having worked here for a month, I can say with confidence that the construction brigade is the best job that I have had for such a small experience. I met great people from different countries. This kind of international friendship allows us to practice languages and learn new cultures. All are very kind and helpful. Sometimes we cook and treat each other with delicious, international food at lunchtime. Every week creative evenings, quizzes, master classes are organized for us, which allows the brigade to unite even more. So, a construction brigade is not just a job. It's where you can get friends for life.
Fonina Ekaterina
Russia, member of ISCB
I have been working in the construction brigade for several years, but every working summer is special for me. I am glad that the brigade provides an opportunity not only to make money, but also to gain useful experience. In our brigade, in addition to fulfilling my work duties, I am responsible for organizing leisure activities and "creativity" in general. I really like to take part in the events - "Miss Construction brigade", the poster competition for the "Builder's Day", creative evenings, where I dance our traditional dances with my comrades from Vietnam. This year, at the Miss Construction brigade competition, I received an honorary prize - Miss Audience Choice. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed to go on stage, to perform, but everything turned out great and the audience and the jury really liked my creative performance. I am glad that in the construction brigade I can show people the culture of my home country - perform a traditional Vietnamese dance, sing a song, treat my comrades with rice pancakes and much more. At the same time, I can learn a lot about life in the countries of the world.
Doan Pham Yen Khanh
Vietnam, member of ISCB
The fact that foreigners can get a job in a construction brigade, I learned that year from VKontakte social network. In the ISCB "Meridian of Friendship" group there was an advertisement for a job. I sent my documents, but I was worried that I would not be hired, because before that I had never worked in the construction industry. I was afraid that I could not cope, because it is very difficult and responsible to make repairs. But, fortunately, the foreman explained to me what to do, and the guys from the headquarters were always happy and ready to answer my questions. I quickly learned to paint, putty, plaster. In the future, I want to become an architect-designer, therefore, I am sure that the skills acquired in the construction brigade will help me a lot.
Rodriguez Infante David Leonardo
Colombia, Academy of Engineering, member of ISCB
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