Events and Invitations


29 Oct
Scholarship programs of the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD)
26 Oct
Workshop "Iran and Afghanistan: Global and Regional Aspects of International Relations"
25 - 29 Oct
International online workshop "Mathematical Modelling in Biomedicine"
The scientific program of the workshop will include talks on different topics on mathematical modeling in biomedicine. The participation of leading foreign specialists and well-known Russian scientists is expected. The successful holding of this event will increase the recognition of RUDN University, mathematicians from RUDN University, and their results both at the Russian and international levels.
22 Oct
Scientific seminar «Novel cationic 1,2,4-selenadiazoles: synthesisviaaddition of 2-pyridylselenyl halides»
2-Pyridylselenyl halides undergo facile coupling with a triple CN bond of unactivated nitriles. Unprecedented heterocyclization allowed the preparation of a novel class of cationic 1,2,4-selenadiazoles in remarkably high yields.
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar
21 Oct
Seminar “Modeling of a rotating detonation engine combustion chamber”
A 3D numerical modeling of a rotation detonation engine combustion chamber was modeled using authors’ software. The software uses a mathematical model for multicomponent chemically reacting gas with turbulence, optionally. The chemical kinetics uses elementary reactions; their number depends on the choice of mechanism.
20 Oct
Firsovskiye Readings V: “Modern Languages, Communication and Migration in a Globalized World
19 Oct
Seminar “Periodic homogenization of non-local elliptic and parabolic operators of convolution type”
The talk will be focused on homogenization problems for convolution type operators in periodic media. We will consider a family of operators obtained by the diffusive scaling of a given convolution type operator.
18 Oct
Lecture and a master class “Communication interculturelle et techniques de la négociation”
The Institute of Foreign Languages welcomes Natalia Guilluy-Sulikashvili, Doctor of Slavic Civilization, PhD, Vice-Dean (Languages and International Affairs Department) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Lille Catholic University (Université Catholique de Lille). Dr. Guilluy-Sulikashvili will deliver a lecture and a master class “Communication interculturelle et techniques de la négociation” (“Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Techniques”).
12 Oct
Scientific seminar “On the inversions of the Melrose invariant”
Speaker: Zhuikov Konstantin N., RUDN, Moscow.
7 Oct
Seminar on mathematical modeling in biology and medicine on topic “Plasticity in cancer cells and emergence of drug resistance: what consequences for therapeutics?”
5 Oct
Scientific seminar “Quasi-one-dimensional flow models in studies of human vascular systems”
4 Oct
Interuniversity student scientific-practical conference with international participation «Public Relations as a Brand Awareness Booster»
4 Oct
Young researchers seminar
Main Theorem on Quadratic Minimum Problems and the Ritz Method. Application to Boundary Value Problems.