Events and Invitations


29 Sep
Scientific seminar «Language aspects of integration and self-identification in modern world»
The scientific seminar is dedicated to improving the quality of teaching foreign languages and cultures in accordance with the new challenges posed to humanitarian education; expanding active contacts with scientists and teachers of foreign languages from leading universities, raising the status of foreign languages, developing the academic reputation of the RUDN University and the incoming mobility of leading scientists in the RUDN University.
23 Sep
Seminar “Stability and bifurcation in interacting population models with slow-fast time scale”
Stable coexistence is an important terminology in the context of interacting population models. Ordinary differential equation models of interacting populations admit two types of stable coexistence: steady-state and oscillatory.
16 Sep
Interactive online lecture “Accelerate. The Circular Economy Transition"
Students of Institute of Foreign Languages, RUDN University will meet with Daue Jan Jaustra (Netherlands), a member of the Advisory Committee of the Innovative Factory for the production of clothes made from sustainable materials, owner and managing director of ICE-Amsterdam, one of the founding partners of the Institute of Ecomimicry.
10 Sep
Seminar “Consumerism and sustainability in the modern epoch”
The scientific seminar is dedicated to the modern era of consumerism and its impact on the environment. It is supposed to discuss issues related to the possibility of finding a reasonable balance between modern consumption and the degree of its impact on the environmental situation both in a single country and on a global scale.
9 Sep
Seminar “Simulation of hydrogen combustion dynamics using a fully connected UNET neural network”
Calculation of physicochemical interactions of gas-dynamic processes taking place in engines is a laborious task.