RUDN agrees to cooperate with the Chinese Center for Academic Exchange

RUDN agrees to cooperate with the Chinese Center for Academic Exchange

June 14, 2018, a delegation of the Chinese Center for Academic Exchange - an autonomous self-financing organization, authorized by the Ministry of Education of China visited RUDN.

The center is the only institution in China that recognizes foreign qualifications. The delegation included Ms. Xiong Sin, Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Data, and Ms. Xu Yue, Manager of the Department of Foreign Academic Data.

The main purpose of the visit is to develop cooperation with RUDN in the field of recognition and validation of Chinese and Russian diplomas.

At the meeting, Larisa Efremova, Vice-Rector for International Activities spoke about the task of bringing the number of annual student exchange between Russia and China to 100,000, which is stipulated by the decision of the Russian-Chinese intergovernmental commission for humanitarian cooperation. The Vice-Rector noted the contribution of RUDN to this task.

G.Lukichev, director of the National Information Center for Academic Recognition and Mobility made a presentation on the procedure of recognizing foreign qualifications and the practice of recognizing foreign educational degrees.

After the meeting the following agreements were reached:

  • joint development of methodological recommendations for improving mutual recognition of foreign qualifications;
  • preparation and holding of a round table on improving mutual recognition of foreign qualifications. The event is planned at one of the nearest educational exhibitions held with the participation of RUDN and the Chinese Center for Academic Exchange;
  • preparation of an agreement on the recognition of RUDN diplomas by the Chinese Center for Academic Exchange;
  • RUDN participation in an educational exhibition in March 2019, in a number of Chinese cities, organized by the Chinese Center for Academic Exchange;
  • recognition of the certificate confirming Master's training, implemented within the framework of the SCO University.


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