The joint program "MBA in Healthcare Management" is launched with Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (Delhi, India)

The joint program "MBA in Healthcare Management" is launched with Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (Delhi, India)

The RUDN University delegation headed by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Mrs. Larisa Efremova and the Director of the Medical Institute Dr. Alexey Abramov visited the Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (Delhi, India) to give an official start for a fresh new program "MBA in Healthcare Management".

The fresh-new joint program is projected for Master's level for 2 years. The 1st semester is dedicated to general management. The 2nd is focused on medical management like HR and marketing in clinics. The 3rd semester is Major-to-choose. And the 4th will be at RUDN University for research projects and practicing in Moscow.

"Education in Healthcare management is limited in India. So we need help from RUDN University in this specific area." - Dr. Reema Chaudhury, Chairperson MBA Healthcare at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (Delhi, India).

RUDN University plans to escalate cooperation with AIM: to provide distance learning lessons, short-term sessions with your faculty - for 2 weeks or more.

"A head physician is not just the one who can buy some equipment. It is a leader of a team, which knows how to use this equipment efficiently. We are ready to provide medical education in 3 forms: traditional, distance and simulation." - The Director of the Medical Institute Dr. Alexey Abramov.

There are eight MBA students enrolled to the joint program "MBA in Health Management" with Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (Delhi, India). Two are dentists, two are physiotherapists and four are students with degrees in management and commerce.
All the students started learning Russian language - it takes them 6 hours a week. 
All the classes started just 1 month ago - on the 10th of September, - but the students can already speak Russian in short phrases. 

"I am already a professional dentist. And my aim is to become not just an excellent maxillofacial surgeon but to become an expert of international level. I am ready to absorb the experience of Russia in healthcare management ant to participate in the RUDN research projects. All the group is ready to study hard and make our universities be proud of us", - Dr. Ankur Rathee, one of the students, underlined.

"1 year back we signed the first agreement. We came to RUDN University and realized that it was a very strong university. Joining Medicine at RUDN is good both for students and the Asian-Pacific Institute of Management." – Dr. Reema Chaudhury, Chairperson MBA Healthcare at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management.

This program is a bridge-course between Russia and India. It gives opportunities to widen cooperation. The RUDN University delegation got a memorandum of understanding to start launching a similar program for PhD level. There are also
possibilities of academic exchange for professors and researchers. The sides discussed some mechanisms of regular joint supervision of the program. Options of telemedicine and distance learning are also under consideration.
The RUDN University delegation met with the AIM Chairman Dr. Amarendra Kr. Shrivastava and with the TOP officials of the Institute.

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