63 is the age of accomplishments. RUDN University is always a university of opportunities!

63 is the age of accomplishments. RUDN University is always a university of opportunities!

February 3, students, staff, alumni and friends of RUDN University celebrate the University’s birthday — this year it turns 63!

RUDN University is open to the world all year round, and the world is open to the university. It is especially true in early February, because more than 250,000 graduates, students, employees and friends celebrate the birthday of their university. This is the age of traditions and accomplishments, successes and opportunities. Diplomatic missions come to the main building. Graduates visit departments. Students prepare creative gifts. This year the main event will take place February 3 (Friday).

Concert program "Time of Opportunities - University of Accomplishments"

5:00 pm 

Welcoming speeches by Rector Oleg Yastrebov and President Vladimir Filippov.

The film “Once Upon a Time at the Big University”.

Speeches by guests and alumni, including:

  • Petr Kucherenko — Secretary of State — Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
  • Denis Ashirov — Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh)
  • Ngan Tony Francois Simon Pierre, President of the Association of Graduates of Russian (Soviet) Universities in Cameroon.
  • Khanyiso Mawa Mbulava (South Africa), Chairman of the Association of Alumni of Russian/Soviet Universities of South Africa, Advisor to the Minister of Health of South Africa, graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Peoples’ friendship university in 1987.

Performances of talented RUDN students

  • “Sailor Suite” (vocal and choreographic composition of “Rhythms of Friendship” and “Rainbow” studio);
  • “Gujarat Indian dance” (studio of oriental dance “Amaren”);
  • “Valley” (a song performed by a cappella vocalists of the folk studio “Krapiva”);
  • “Mountain Dance” (6 sets of dancers of the “Caucasian Dance Studio”);
  • “Time to say goodbye” (song performed by vocalists Lidia Likholetova (Moldova) and Denis Muchugia Makumi (Kenya) of CANTO studio);
  • “Chinese dance” (modern stylization performed by members of the studio “Energy dance”);
  • “One way ticket” (song performed by the vocalists of the “Rainbow” studio);
  • “Black-browed, black-eyed” (dance of the Volga Cossacks by the “Rhythms of Friendship” group);
  • “Cruisin for a Bruisin” (song by students from the Interclub Vocal School, guitar solo — Luis Fernando, Peru);
  • “Put on Me” (vocal and choreographic composition of RUDN IWEB students. Solo — Konstantin Mukha. The number won the silver medal of the competition “WORLDVISION” of the RUDN University Student Council);
  • “Shake your groove” (choreographic composition from the studio “Energy dance”);
  • “Once a Russian General” (singers of the “Krapiva” studio and dancers of the “Caucasian Dance Studio”, drum solo — Alan Tsopanov);
  • Stylized folk dance of Rwanda (performed by students of the association);
  • “Snowflake” (song from the female quartet of the studio “CANTO”);
  • Vietnamese dance with handkerchiefs and fans (performed by students of the association);
  • “Dark Horse” (vocal and choreographic composition of IHBiT students, solo — Egor Glukhovchenko. The number won the competition “WORLDVISION” of the RUDN Student Council);
  •  “Desert rose” (vocal and choreographic number of the oriental dance studio “Amaren” and “Vocal School of Interclub”. Kristina Khursan and Alina Shorina).

6:30 pm — reception of the RUDN university administration in the cafeteria of the main building.

Join us for the celebration!

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Life in RUDN
03 Aug
“In my work, the main thing is people. Whatever I design, it should be completely satisfying to society,” – Morjadino Da Fonseca Vera Kruz, PhD student at the Academy of Engineering from Sao Tome and Principe

Morjadino flew from warm Sao Tome to Moscow to receive the profession of an architect of buildings and structures. He loves Khrushchev apartment buildings (5-storey buildings of the 60’s), lives according to the laws of Vitruvius and wants to create something useful for society. We asked Morjadino what motivated him to move to Russia, why he chose Architecture and what project he presented at the Golden Section festival.

Life in RUDN
01 Aug
Resident of RUDN Institute of Medicine saves a man’s life on board the plane

July 18, one of the passengers of Qatar Airways Moscow-Doha flight QR340 felt bad. Alaa Al Hajj, a Lebanese resident of RUDN Institute of Medicine (Traumatology and Orthopedics), who was flying on vacation, came to his aid. The young doctor provided first aid and convinced the crew to make an emergency landing at Kuwait International Airport to transfer the passenger to the medical team. Thanks to Alaa, the man remained alive.

Life in RUDN
07 Jul
Meaningful summer means comfortable academic year!

The third working semester of the International student construction brigade “Meridian of Friendship” was opened at RUDN University. Vice-Rector for Student Affairs Mikhail Katsarsky motivated the students to work, speaking about his student path in the construction team, tied bandanas to the leaders and handed out tasks.