Current information for students: how to transfer money from abroad

Current information for students: how to transfer money from abroad

We have collected up-to-date information for RUDN students about the ways how to transfer money from abroad to Russia.

The information on the page is updated as changes occur.

How to get money by transfer from foreign countries on the territory of Russia (relevant at 11:00 on 04/26/2022):

To issue a debit card of the bank with the MIR/Unionpay payment system.

Then provide bank details to parents / relatives who are abroad, and they will be able to transfer funds using the details.

As of 04/26/2022, you can issue a debit card with the MIR/Unionpay payment system in the branches:

To receive funds by contacting Raiffeisenbank

It is necessary to open an account in Raiffeisenbank. Then provide bank details to parents / relatives who are abroad and they will be able to transfer funds using the details.

Opening an account with Raiffeisenbank is a free service.

How to receive money transfers from abroad to Russia?

Through bank transfer to the account

If you have an account only with a bank that has been sanctioned, we recommend you become a client of another bank that continues to operate without international restrictions. There are many such banks. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the proposals of “Raiffeisen Bank”, “Russian Agricultural Bank”, “Gazprombank”. You can also choose another bank — for example, “Rosbank”, “UniCredit Bank”, “Credit Bank of Moscow”, “Post Bank”, “Tinkoff”, and others. In these banks, you can open accounts — including foreign currency accounts — and make transfers to them from abroad.

Through bank transfer to the card

Study the working conditions of the “MIR” card on the websites of the sending bank and the Russian bank — it may be suitable. It depends on the country and bank from which you expect the money transfer.

You can issue a card of the Chinese UnionPay payment system. These are already issued by “Russian Agricultural Bank”, “Gazprombank” and “Post Bank”. Soon it will be available to customers of “Sberbank”, “Alfa-Bank”, etc.

Through payment systems

You can use the payment systems “KoronaPay”, “Unistream”, “Contact”, BELKART, ELKART, “Corti Milli”.

The Western Union payment system, PayPal and Wise international financial services are still not working in Russia.


Carefully study the commissions for different transfer methods, find the best option.

Find out in which currency transfers to Russia are now the most profitable to receive the required amount in rubles.

Take into account, that the purchase of currency in Russia is currently limited, so if you need to pay for something in dollars or euros, transfer immediately to the payment account or keep money in foreign currency accounts.


We recommend paying for tuition only on the basis of an invoice containing the current details of RUDN University.

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