Social Network

Social Network

RUDN University has English-language profiles in FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Our profiles contain the information about the achievements of students, teachers, announcements of important events and much more from the life of RUDN University.

Every day we receive direct messages with questions about accommodation, academic competitions for foreign citizens and how to become a part of RUDN University. We try to answer everyone!

Our thematic lines in social media are as follows:

  • Leadership in sports (Join major league! Be champion!)
  • Find your place in science (Enrolling students — graduating scientists)
  • Discover the world in one University (Friendship, love, profession — find in one University)
  • Change the world for the better (Combine knowledge — change the world)
  • Become the best in your profession (Fly up to the knowledge space)

If you want to tell about your achievements, please email us at with a note “Hero for Social Media”.

Welcome to RUDN University family!