Every day we organize on TV filming and studio recordings, internship and masterclasses for students, preparation of scenarios. We have created a University channel on YouTube video hosting in Russian and English: RUDN University and RUDN University planet to make our videos available anywhere in the world. Every year more than 1000 different videos are published on the channels: these are information subjects and student projects, essays on the University life and films, online lectures and masterclasses of professors, videos in foreign languages and popular science programs.

Are you a student of the profile direction (journalism, PR, mass media and intercultural communication), or is yourdirection far from the world of TV, but your dream is to become a correspondent, a videographer or an editor?  We are waiting for you on TV RUDN!

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Our campus is one of the best in Russia. More than 8,000 residents live in this campus. Large woodland park area, comfortable dormitories, national cafes, safe territory - learn more about the place where you will spend the best time of your life -your student years.
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At RUDN University students not only study, but also have a great time. Festivals, weeks of cultures, theatre, vocal studio, dancing, tennis section, football, basketball and other sports - at RUDN University you can find the hobby that suits you!
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Students from 155 countries study here. Each student has their own story.Why did you choose RUDNUniversity, what are your favorite subjects,what are you dreaming about, what have you achieved? Students from all over the world will answer these and many other questions in this section.
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RUDN University has 6 Faculties, 10 Institutes, 1 Academy and 500 educational programs, bachelor program, master program, postgraduate program and residency program, as well as 12 foreign languages, the choice is yours!
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RUDN has simulation centers and laboratories, mission control center and much more. Young scientists design, study, create along withRUDN University.